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Hessle High School

WEEK 25 - Friday 26 March 2021

It has been three weeks since the students returned fully to school after the March 8 re-opening and it has been a great three weeks. It may have only been fifteen school days but it certainly feels like longer! 

So much has been achieved. The overwhelming majority of students have made a seamless transition back into school. They have been delighted to see their friends again and to be in front of their teachers. They have needed little, if any support, and have just wanted to get on with things as quickly as possible. Whilst some people have talked about the educational crisis and the so-called ‘lost generation’, for most of our students, that has not been the case. They’re back in school and our teachers are teaching them things that they don’t know yet. It’s quite simple, and it was ever thus.

To help them focus on their studies, we have introduced a few simple routines to the start of the day, which involve students lining up outside, being met by their tutors and walking in together. This has allowed us to identify any concerns immediately which can be dealt with before students even reach their tutor room and has led to an incredibly calm environment in the school building. This is a particular benefit to some of our younger or more vulnerable learners for whom the adjustment to life back in school had the potential to be more difficult. 

We have been most impressed at the standards of uniform that students are wearing to school. We are committed to our school uniform and to the high levels of aspiration and sense of community that it engenders. We can only achieve this with the full support of our parents and so I thank you sincerely for your help in this matter.

Since we returned to school, we have experienced a small number of positive Covid cases amongst our student group which has caused some periods of isolation. To date, these cases have been relatively few in number but we know that these cause anxiety and inconvenience to students and parents alike. I know that we have your full support with the measures we are compelled to take in order to reduce the spread of the virus in our community.  

Finally, as the Easter holiday begins today for students and staff, let me inform you of the arrangements for reporting any positive cases.  

If one of our students tests positive before the end of Monday 29 March, please contact the school on If a positive case is recorded after this date, please contact the NHS test and trace 119.

The next term will be yet another busy one, especially for students in Year 11 and 13. We have today written letters to the parents of Year 11 and to Year 13 students and these can be found here and here.

In the meantime, I hope that you can enjoy a relaxing and hopefully sunny Easter break.

Take care and stay safe

Mr V Groak