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I am very proud to be the Head of Year 7.

If you wish to contact me, please email

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  • WEEK 30 - Friday 10 May 2024

    Published 16/05/24

    Hello to all our year 7 students and their families. 

    We have had another couple of busy weeks and the bank holiday in the middle made it feel like we were about to commence the half term holiday that is still a few weeks away. 

    In lessons, students are adapting to the classroom expectations that provide them with clear routines and structures that remain the same regardless of the classroom or teacher.  These expectations and routines have been put in place to help students to know what to do when, e.g. Enter and stand behind chairs; if a teacher raises their hand, they need to be silent; and hands must be up to respond to questions or ask their own questions. These consistent expectations will also allow students to find regulating emotions and behavior easier as they know that their classroom experiences will be the same. 

    Breaks and lunches, post the weekend, have given students use of the field again- It is dry at long last! It is wonderful to see the year 7s, in their small groups, sitting out in the sunshine, playing football, and doing dance routines when they take their breaks. The field's benefits are huge as fresh air contains high levels of negative ions that can positively impact brain function, mood and well-being. Sunlight provides Vitamin D that children need to grow strong, healthy bones and offers protection from several common disorders and diseases. It also gives them more space to hang out; they are no longer all in one area and there are fewer of them staring at their phones. Bring on more sunshine! 

    Beyond the usual day-to-day routines, last week saw a group of students complete the second phase of the Bikeability course. We must commend them on their integrity in developing their skills to cycle safely, their responsibility in behaving appropriately, and their resilience for not giving up when the heavens opened, and it frantically rained cats and dogs.  

    The theatrical students, plenty of year 7, were stepping up their ‘Oliver Twist’ preparations and numbers of them were singing to me and showing me their dance routines at lunchtime. They returned from the bank holiday to a full day dress rehearsal where some students watched as a practice audience. I was lucky enough to be there for the opening evening and I had the hugest smile on my face as I watched a good number of our year group show me a new side and dazzle me with their talents. It was a fantastic production, and I am so proud of the responsibility, resilience, and aspiration that these students showed from the first audition and throughout the show. 

    Our values are an integral part of the school day, and students are really showing us they want to embed them into their own personal development. It is wonderful spending our days with the students and seeing these values being demonstrated; what's more, we now give visitors to the school ‘Bridge’ coins that they then hand to students if they experience a student demonstrating a value in their presence. The first year 7 to get one was Stella W, (7O3), and hopefully more will come in the next few weeks for our year group. 

    I end with our usual message, that if you need to contact us to discuss how we can help and support your child then please contact us via phone, option 7 option 1, or email  

    Take care and stay safe, 

    Mrs Todd

    Head of Year 7

    Assistant Head of Year 7

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  • WEEK 28 - Friday 26 April 2024

    Published 29/04/24

    Hello to all Year 7 students and their families, 

    Wow, these April showers are showing some of our values: 

    • Resilience - to never end; 

    • Responsibility- to ensure the environment is lush and green; 

    • Responsibility- to cover all areas in the UK.  

    Somebody has reliably informed us that we are actually in Spring, and that summer is close… If you find spring lurking in your area please send it our way, as students are in a complete muddle with their daily attire and are either too warm or too cold, and occasionally damp! 

    Beyond the ever-changing weather, the year group are doing very well. Having done assemblies that focused on our school values and their futures, students in Year 7 have been discussing ideas of what we could do to keep them off their phones in their free time and are now telling me what the 3 images shown in each assembly mean. Mrs Davies and I have been very impressed by their levels of responsibility and improving belief in themselves. 

    Respect, kindness and resilience are values that we are encouraging students to promote daily, reminding them that ’Manners do not cost anything’, ‘One kind act leads to another’, and ‘Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying 'I will try again tomorrow'. I have also shared two thought-inspiring videos to the year group, via email, this week and thought I would share them with you as well: Kindness Respect 

    The kindness video brought a tear to my eyes as I watched the spread of kindness. 

    As we move forward towards the half term break, and beyond to the end of July, Mrs Davies and I are looking forward to further developing the way we support the year group with things to meet their needs, taking onboard thoughts and ideas. To help us do this I will be giving each tutor group a questionnaire to complete next week. Students will be discussing reward ideas, things that are going well, things that they feel are issues to be addressed, topics they wish to know more about, how many use their school email, and anything else they want us to do or be aware of. Once I have the feedback, I will start looking through responses and discuss the key areas with tutors and their groups next week. I will share their thoughts and ideas in my next blog. 

    For now, stay warm and dry (Bonkers that I am saying this as we near the May bank holiday!) 

    Please stay safe, take care, and remember we are here to help all students. If there are any concerns or worries at home please remind your child of this and you can also email us to let us know 

    Mrs Todd

    Head of Year 7 

    Mrs Davies

    Assistant Head of Year 7

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  • WEEK 26 - Friday 12 April 2024

    Published 12/04/24

    Hello to all our year 7 students and their families, 

    I hope you all enjoyed a very relaxing and fun-filled Easter break. The weather was typically ‘April’ but I’m staying positive that the damp start will bring the lovely month of May where the flowers and blossom thrive as we are often told with the phrase ‘April showers bring forth May flowers.’ 

    It will also allow us to re-open the field and the students will start to build memories of lunches in the sunshine, in our stunning grounds- unfortunately it is not quite dry enough at present. Yet, I remain optimistic. 

    As students returned to school this week, we have had a real focus on reinforcing our values, routines and expectations. Students are embedding these and establishing a positive culture, which makes us proud.  

    The day starts with routine checks with their tutor; we look for the correct uniform, equipment and planners- those who are consistently awarded house points for adhering to the expectations here are still bringing a school bag and pencil case (small items but allow for better organisation) and always smartly dressed. Please can you encourage your child to prepare the night before and gather what they need. Whilst I understand they are still young, I want them to develop the level of their own responsibility and understand that being prepared an organised is a valuable skill to have in preparation for their futures. From the line-ups, the students then head to tutor rooms. 

    In tutor we continue to instil the values. Our thought for the week has been, ‘Persistence and resilience only come from having been given the chance to work through difficult problems.’ Many students are developing resilience well and thinking about the things that matter. There is a lot of effort from students to try and be the best version of themself and to push through even when things are tough; some students come to speak to myself and Mrs Davis and are simply offloading baggage to clear their minds before embarking on the next part of the day. Knowing the students have this level of confidence in us is reassuring that we are building secure relationship now to help us as we navigate the years ahead. 

    In assembly each week, we now start off with three visual images- Jellybeans, A mug of tea, and some Mechanical cogs.  These represent three key assembly themes that the students have had this year: jellybeans represent we are all different and that is ok; the cup of tea is about us realising we are not everybody's cup of tea and to find those who appreciate us for us; and lastly, the cogs represent the fact we need to work together to achieve the things we set out to.  

    The weekly reminder is again shown to establish routines and allow them to consider whether they are taking this information onboard. They are also asked to consider, ‘Have they been the best version of themself this week?’ We see hands go up and some stay down. Those down are praised for integrity as they are aware of their actions and then reminded to consider how to be better in the coming week. 

    You may have heard your child tell you that the values I have for the year group are as high as my heels, this is still reinforced when I am wearing flat shoes- with a degree of giggling when I try to stand on my tiptoes to back up what I want them to understand. It is this reason that we are pushing core values and expectations regularly, wanting them to become the norm and make each day with us as positive as it can be. 

    As you start the weekend, please discuss how they feel routines and expectations make a difference in the wider world and how do they see the advantages of them being so important in school. Perhaps you could also ask them about the images and what they represent.  It would be pleasing to learn that they are taking the importance of these images as I strive to achieve a consistently positive culture for the year group and the wider school community 

    In the weeks to come, Orlando will be hosting their charity day in the coming weeks and our school production, ‘Oliver Twist’ is in the final rehearsal stages and more will be sent out about when you can see the production and how to purchase tickets. 

    Please don’t hesitate to contact us if there is anything we can support your child with. Emails can be sent to, or we can be reached by phone, using option 7 and then option 1 (Please leave a message if we are not available and we will call you back. 

    Take care and stay safe, 

    Mrs Todd

    Head of Year 7

    Mrs Davies

    Assistant Head of Year 7

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  • WEEK 24 - Friday 15 March 2024

    Published 18/03/24

    Hello to all our Year 7 students and their families, 

    Over the past couple of weeks, I have been working on developing routines and expectations within lessons; whilst outside the lessons, we have been working on developing Kindness and Resilience with our year group. 

    We are incredibly lucky to have a wide range of fabulous teachers who all enjoy imparting their knowledge and help our students to learn. However, we have been looking at how students feel in lessons and found that sometime the way we do things differs slightly- such as counting down for silence or raising our hand to signal the need to be silent. For some students these differences can be confusing, so I have been working to develop a more consistent approach, with small subtle changes and the benefits of this have been seen by teachers and the students. As this is proving beneficial, I am now rolling this out with more groups in the coming weeks. As I wrote last time, developing good routines and having high expectations can make significant differences to the learning environment and the positive culture that I am working to instil for the year group. 

    Beyond the classroom, we continue to see our students changing friendship groups, having points where they are happy and sad, and trying to navigate the world of which a ‘pre-teen’ belongs. I don’t envy this and have had a number of conversations with parents who all agree that ‘It wasn’t like that when we were at school!’  

    Last week, you should have received an email regarding the use of social media making clear that none of the students in our year group are old enough to be accessing these platforms; and, when they still do, it can often lead to unpleasantness for them. This is because they are too young to be able to deal with the multiple issues that can arise through online communication on shared platforms. It takes a great deal of work from us – as pastoral leaders – to repair relationships and to encourage kindness amongst the year group. Your support in ensuring that your child in Year 7 is not using these platforms is appreciated. 

    This week the focus of my Year 7 Assembly was ‘Kindness’ and reflecting on the importance of the power of the words that we use; kindness, not only towards others but also on ourselves. Hopefully by the end of the assembly students could recognise that even the smallest amount of kindness can go a long way! I was bought a wonderful book by a colleague called ‘The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse’ and within its pages are some of the most wonderful quotes about life and particularly 'kindness' - two of which stood out the most. "Nothing beats kindness," said the horse. It sits quietly beyond all things and "The funny thing is" said the Mole..."The tiniest act of kindness can save a life".  

    When watching the daily news or reading the papers, it is very easy to become downhearted and feel overwhelmed by the levels of negativity and unhappiness across the globe, and now more than ever it seems appropriate that we take every opportunity possible to make another person smile. A simple act of kindness can have such an effect. And the best bit...Being kind is for everyone! That feeling you get when you see the impact of kindness can improve your whole day and hopefully inspire others to ‘pay it forward’ and do the same for others- The ripple effect.  

    So, what are random acts of kindness? Listed below are a handful of examples of acts of kindness that could make a difference to someone: Pay someone a compliment, Smile at someone, Send a message to a friend you know is struggling, Do something nice for someone you may not know very well (hold a door open, get in touch, ask how they are), Help someone with their work/revision, Tell someone who you admire, why you admire them, Thank someone. Whilst being kind to others is important, so is remembering to be kind to yourself as well. With social media playing such a large part in our lives understanding what self-kindness means is imperative. Don't judge yourself harshly, don't hold yourself to impossibly high standards and stop comparing yourself to others for making a mistake, or not being good enough.  

    I will leave on wishes for a wonderful, relaxing, and hopefully sunny Easter Holidays. Whatever you get up to when the holidays start, please enjoy and find time to make more precious memories. 

    Take care and stay safe, 

    Mrs Todd

    Head of Year 7

    Mrs Davies 

    Assistant Head of Year 7

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  • WEEK 22 - Friday 1 March 2024

    Published 01/03/24

    Hello to all our year 7 students and their families, 

    We have reached, and hopped over, the halfway point of the school year. Thinking back, it must feel like only yesterday you learned your child had secured their place at Hessle High; it wasn’t until the end of last June that I learned I was to be their Head of Year, yet here we are entering the spring- with longer days and hopefully better weather preparing to greet us as we step outside. 

    Since returning last week, I have had the pleasure of visiting many Year 7 lessons and seeing how they are engaging in their learning; developing many new skills; and hearing how proud their teachers are of what they do in their classroom.  

    We are also working hard on developing, and maintaining, high expectations and embedding consistent routines for the year group. Getting these secured in place now will allow us to have a positive culture within the year group and build upon skills that have lifelong value and importance. 

    Research and experience show how it is more effective to build positive behaviours than control negative student behaviour. As staff, we demonstrate positive behaviours and relationships as a way of modelling to our students. Within the year group, we understand that ‘one size’ doesn’t fit all, and changes do happen. The routines seen in classrooms can positively affect students’ academic performance as well as their behaviour; therefore, one proactive strategy is for us to adopt a consistent classroom routine and give your child the best experience. 

    Each morning, we have stringent routines which are simply a set of procedures for handling both daily occurrences, and minor interruptions of instruction. Routines that require interaction between teacher and student (or among students) also serve to positively reinforce communication and social skills and are one way for teachers to judge the quantity and quality of students’ skills in these areas. Essentially, once taught, routines are daily activities that students can complete with little or no teacher assistance, we accomplish the positive culture that we strive to create.  

    As our students know, I often remind the year group that my expectations are ‘as high as the heels I wear’ (These are usually high, unless I am injured or my outfit suits something flat.) and we are continually reminding students about the basic expectations; these include developing and embedding our 6 core values: Kindness, Integrity, Aspiration, Respect, Responsibility and Resilience. I have had a push on increasing the use of these phrases during conversations with students- letting them know when I see them demonstrating one, or the importance of developing one.  

    With the focus on routines and expectations being key for me this half term, there are a couple of areas that we are working on with the year group. 

    The first one is the routine of being prepared: Each day starts with checks of uniform, planners, and equipment. Please can I remind you that we expect all students to have their planner every day and their stationery: 2 pens, pencil, ruler, rubber, purple/ red/ green biro; passing these checks each day give students extra house points each week- and this week we have distributed Haribos, Fizzy Haribos, Biscuits, Freddos, and so many ‘Queue jump’ passes that I have suggested they save them to avoid them jumping the queue with 80+ other students.  

    The other focus is the use of Social Media. Before Christmas I delivered an assembly about the age restrictions that are set for various apps. Whilst age restrictions are in place, I am not naive in thinking that students don’t engage in using these apps and have spoken to them about using them responsibly and being kind. We have expressed how being part of group chats is not advised and that they should not post things which will lead to conflicts or hurting the feelings of others. Since Christmas, there appears to be a lot more social media activity in the year group. Please can you be vigilant of how they are using this and encourage them to stay off group chats and report/ block people if needed. 

    Finally, I would like to say an enormous thank you for attending our first Progress Evening. We had a splendid turn out over the two evenings and teachers have been pleased about how our year group are supported at home. Again, this reiterates the importance of us all working collaboratively to give the students the best we have to offer. 

    As always, if you need to contact us, please do so by calling the school and using option 7, option 1; alternatively, please email  

    Take care and stay safe,

    Mrs Todd 

    Head of Year 7 

    Mrs Davies

    Assistant Head of Year 7 

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  • WEEK 20 - Friday 9 February 2024

    Published 19/02/24

    Hello to all our year 7 students and their families, 

    I am not sure how we are already at the end of the first half term; how we are already in February; or how quick the days and weeks pass, yet here we are! 

    The variation in weather has certainly being confusing for students as coats and hats one day, then happily wearing just a jumper and a blazer the next; what is good though is seeing how their resilience is developing as even on the wettest of days many of them want to be outside at break and having fun with their friends. 

    We have had a busy couple of weeks with students using time in tutor to learn about Holocaust Memorial Day last week and discuss points in History. They worked from home successfully last Friday whilst our year 11s took part in their Mock Interview Day- something that I am looking forward to our year group experiencing in the future; it is one of my favourite days and such an invaluable experience. Thank you for the support you gave them and for contacting us to trouble shoot any issues: working as a team between home and school is fantastic. This week we have focused on ‘Children’s Mental Health Week’ and talked about all the ways we can support in school; where they can look when not here; and how asking for help and support is a strength. Some students have also taken part in the ‘Bikeability course’; a few had theirs cancelled due to Thursday's miserable weather and this will be re-scheduled to ensure they don’t miss learning bike skills to help keep them safe on the roads. 

    I was able to have an additional assembly with this year group, allowing me a chance to remind them of our high expectations and the hope they can all develop our values and become the best version of themselves. I also shared a ripple effect video about Kindness and how we can all benefit from living lives like this; please have a look if you’d like to  

    As we move into the Half-term break, who knows what we have instore with the weather, I hope everybody finds time to relax and enjoy being together. I reminded students, today, that they need to be responsible and organised- Uniform in the wash, bags cleared, and homework done, knowing where ties, shoes and planners are, being fully prepared to return after the break. 

    Remember we are here to support and either use option 7, option 1 when calling or emails 

    Take care and stay safe 

    Mrs Todd

    Head of Year 7

    Mrs Davies

    Asisstant Head of Year 7

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  • WEEK 18 - Friday 26 January 2024

    Published 26/01/24

    Hello to all our year 7 students and their families, 

    What a windy week! I hope everyone has kept roof tiles, fences, trampolines where they should be, and blue bins have remained upright for collections. We have been very proud of the year group at the start of each day as so many of them have picked up bits of rubbish that has been blown onto the Tennis Courts, and lots of them offering to hold the gate which kept swinging closed as the tutor groups were leaving to start they day.  Our value of Kindness is clearly evident. 

    Last week in assembly I went over some basic expectation reminders. Whilst the year group are doing well and have settled into their new routine there are some students who are forgetting basic equipment, PE kits, and house keys; I understand when this happens you are receiving calls or texts from them or that we are asking you to bring things in.  All of which is inconvenient and unnecessary.  We have reminded them of the need to be organised and take responsibility for their things. Please can you encourage them to have all their equipment, planners, uniform and shoes ready before bed to avoid a manic start to each day. 

    In tutor time this week students have been told about Bikeability - a chance for them to learn how to ride bikes safely, which is in school in the final week of the half term; they were told the booking deadline was 24th January and hopefully some of them will have signed up for this and be looking forward to gaining experience to stay safe. We have also looked at future careers- something that starts in Year 7 and builds more as they move through the school.  This week they have learned about T-Levels (vocational qualifications that are an alternative to A-Levels). The week ended with our assembly in which Mr Chapman spoke to them about lateness and awareness, as we work hard to reduce students arriving late to lessons and missing content. We also continue to maintain high standards and regularly check planners, equipment, and uniform daily.  

    Next week is a shorter week in school for your year group. You will have seen notifications that on Friday 2nd February, we are closed to Year 7-10 as our Year 11s have their Mock Interview and Target Setting Day, ahead of their GCSEs. Our year group will experience this awesome day when they reach Year 11.   Work will be placed online for students to complete at home and this is an opportunity for students to demonstrate their independence and responsibility to complete this.  Please ensure your child is aware of this and can access Microsoft with ease; if there are any forgotten passwords, please tell them to see us at the start of the week. 

    As we now near a brighter, sunnier weekend, please remember we are here to support your child and if you need to speak to us, please call the school and choose option 7, option 1; alternatively, email us at  

    Stay safe and take care, 

    Mrs Todd

    Head of Year 7

    Mrs Davies 

    Assistant Head of Year 7

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  • WEEK 16 - Friday 12 January 2024

    Published 12/01/24

    Hello to all our year 7 students and their families, 

    May I take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy and prosperous 2024; I hope the festivities of the past few weeks have allowed you all to create some fabulous memories; take great photos to look back on in the future; and enjoy plenty of time to relax together- or on your own if you found that golden gap in the day. 

    My first piece of news is that from next Monday, Mrs Kay Davies joins the year 7 team as our Assistant Head of Year; it was an early Christmas present when we successfully appointed her just before we ended the term, and I am excited to have her join the team and be an integral part of the day for our students. Her years within the education sector will be invaluable. Like myself, she is an ex- Hessle student and has worked at other local secondary schools within the area. Over the festive break we met up for a chat about the year group and our priorities; the hour or so we planned suddenly turned into three and a half hours, by which time we both realised we should move our cars before overstaying the limit.  I think that bodes well for us working in tune and ensuring together, with the tutors, your child has regular norms, routines and support. 

    Returning to the start of the new term, the students returned this week sharing lovely stories about what they received, where they went, who they caught up with- including box sets and sleep. Listening to them speak it is clear memories were made and I hope they treasure them for years to come.  There were more students wearing coats and outdoor wear, plus school bags bulging with other items that they were keen to show their friends. Please can I remind you that beyond a pair of earrings and a watch, no other jewellery is permitted; make-up is not to be worn; and electronic devices that are brought into the school are the responsibility of the child.  I have talked about this in our assembly and appreciate your support. 

    In tutor time this week, tutors have completed welfare checks, and been revisiting our basic routines and expectations; this was also the focus of our Friday assembly where Mr Sinclair and I went through the areas that we need students to focus on and what we are hoping to see from them in the coming weeks. Next week we will be holding our Celebration assembly for the past half term- Which tutor group has the highest attendance? Who has the highest house points? Whose behaviour is impressing us? The spinning wheel will be whirling round as we identify randomly generated rewards and building suspense and tension as students await the wheel stopping. The final awards will be based around the school values and I will identify, not easily, 6 students who have demonstrated a value in a particular moment. Tutors are also giving their awards so keep your eyes on correspondence as we will notify you when your child is rewarded.  

    Our school values are a great place to start for anybody wanting to generate a new year resolution or set a personal target. Respect, Resilience, Responsibility, Kindness, Aspiration, and Integrity are all worth encouraging your child to develop within themselves. These values underpin each day and embedding these within students is the building upon their characteristics and develop themself ready for exploring the wider world in the future. 

    My final point this week is a request to parents and carers, please can you check your information on the Arbor App. I have attempted to contact some families this week and mobile numbers no longer work; when talking to students' new phones at Christmas, or general contract updates, mean we may not have the correct contact information for you. 

    As I leave for the time being, please remember you can contact us via phone or email if there is anything we need to know or if your child needs support. The year 7 email address is and is monitored by me and our assistant HOY. If calling the school, the year 7 office is option 7 followed by option 1- This will bring you to the phones on the desks on Mrs Davies and myself.  If we are not available, please leave us a message and we will call you at the first opportunity. 


    For now, stay safe and take care. 

    Mrs Todd

    Head of Year 7

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  • WEEK 14 - Friday 15 December 2023

    Published 15/12/23

    Hello to all our year 7 students and their families, 

    I start again with a positive comment of how wonderful it is to lead such a fantastic year group. They are rapidly adopting our core values and understanding our expectations and norms. 

    This week I met with representatives from each tutor group and heard how they are all feeling as we approach the end of our first term; the comments were wonderful and have once again left me smiling from ear to ear. Students said they find the routines at the start of the day prepare them for what lies ahead. They enjoy the weekly current affairs quiz, like hearing the news and learning about what is going on beyond our community.  When learning about global conflict and wars, this is teaching them empathy, resilience, and appreciation for what they have. 

    In tutor rooms their small community is established, and they are holding raffles, doing ‘Secret Santa’, decorating their bases and sharing traditions that are shared. We have also had conversations about Diwali and Hanukkah.  

    Christmas is a magical time of year. It's a special time to show others you care. Families come together and show one another love and how they value each other. Coming from a large family, I recall the words ‘can you play a game with me?’, ‘can you help me build this?’ or the one which made my dad’s heart stop; ’Do we have the right batteries for this?’. I then recall the mayhem of trying to fit the turkey in the oven, screams when someone stood on Lego, and calls to get the cat off the Christmas tree (I now have dogs who are not remotely interested.) These memories are built upon family relationships, friendships, and finding time to value those around us and make more memories to treasure in our hearts. This Christmas I will be mostly hibernating at home with my husband, my parents, and using various methods of Facetime to connect with family who live too far away to share a hug; I will also be eating, drinking, and watching movies. Why? Because this is the time of year when I make sure I can. So - from me to you - please do the same, spend time with your children talking, playing games, watching movies. Enjoy every moment; enjoy opening your gifts and I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.  

    Poem About Christmas With Family  

    That cheerful feeling  

    In the air  

    With a bit of love  

    All around  


    The food is on the table  

    And the presents under the tree Dinner is ready  

    So come on, let's eat  


    Everyone is at the table  

    Eating their Christmas meals  

    Because it's the most  

    Wonderful time of the year  


    Look out your window  

    Thank God for letting it snow  

    It's the best time of the year  

    To spend with family  


    The night has passed  

    And the day has come  

    There are presents to open  

    And more fun to come  


    But it's not about presents  

    It's not about food  

    It's about family time  

    That's Christmas time 


    Stay safe and take care, 

    Mrs Todd

    Head of Year 7

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  • WEEK 12 - Friday 1 December 2023

    Published 04/12/23

    Hello to all our year 7 students and their families, 

    I hope everyone is staying warm as the cold sets in. 

    The frosty mornings have arrived, and thankfully I am seeing more coats, bobble hats, scarves and gloves; however, bags are not as present as when the year started and more students are forgetting things in a morning.  Please can you encourage them to pack the night before and check what they need; this helps them start their day and stops us interrupting your day and asking for something to be dropped off. 

    Last week the Year 7s had a wonderful assembly about diversity. Mr Chapman, one of our Deputy Head teachers, opened with a brave confession that he ‘Loved Jellybeans!’ The faces of the year group showed total and utter confusion; they were baffled as to why they were being told this ‘Weird’ fact. The assembly went on to introduce the year group to ‘Jellybean families’, again bewilderment filled the air, and then came the moment where the connection to the topic of tolerance and diversity became clear.  We are like jellybeans- each one different, liked by some and not others, but ultimately this doesn’t matter. Students have since been talking about accepting others, checking on isolated students, and showing awareness that each one is fine to be who they are and that they will find their family. I have been so proud of how they have taken on board such an important message. The uniqueness has also been a focus of our school Christmas tree, which has two tops- as one student added ‘We could have an angel and a star’. 

    It then becomes clear that the buzz now is the build up towards Christmas; worryingly, some students have told me it is Christmas from today (1st December) and I can assure you that we are not ready for that just yet. There are some end of term assessments looming; our Carol Concert to be held; Competitions to take part in and a charity collection. The competition is running between tutor groups; they have been asked to create a festive display in their tutor rooms, showing their group traits and characteristics: please follow us on ‘X’ (formerly Twitter) to see these as I intend to share them. The charity collection is for P.A.U.L for Brain- we are collecting tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and biscuits for them to use when they host activity mornings and group support mornings.  Donations can be brought in and given to myself or their tutors. 

    In the past week or two, I have been overwhelmed with the support from families when I am speaking about the year group. The parental backing is such an imperative relationship when supporting learners. I have had several students come and open-up to me about various issues, all adding that somebody at home told them to come and talk to me. For all we are less than a term in, the trust in me to support them, and you, is greatly appreciated. Tutors are also now fully understanding of students in their groups and our team ethos is gaining strength week on week. 

    To support students, I am also reminding them about staying safe as they travel to and from school. Please encourage them to have location apps and trackers on devices, that they come to and from groups with friends, and the route travelled is known by family at home. There have also been conversations about being sensible in slippery conditions.  Nobody needs a trip to A&E at any time, let alone in the run up to Christmas. 

    I close my blog with a message of thanks to Mr Fielden. This week he has left us to venture on to pastures new. We all wish him good luck and success in his new role and thank him for the support he has given the Year 7s since they arrived in September. 

    Whilst we appoint a replacement, please be aware that the wider student service team are supporting me with the year group. If you cannot get hold of the year 7 office, please email us at and we will contact you at the first availability. 

    Whatever you do this weekend: have fun, take care, and stay safe. 

    Mrs Todd

    Head of year

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  • WEEK 10 - Friday 17 November 2023

    Published 20/11/23

    Hello to all our year 7 students and their families, 

    Each morning I gaze towards the Humber bridge, as our site sits just beyond the North Tower and I feel proud to know the bridge means so much to the local community. I say this because this is where our Personal Development programme for students took its name, ‘The Bridge’ and I am excited to share with you how students are already accessing this curriculum alongside their subject based lessons. 

    As discussed, before half term the students had the ‘One Punch’ presentation from P.A.U.L and this was the start. Last Friday students had a presentation from ’RIOT ACT’ who came in to talk to them about the importance of road safety. This week then saw them have their first drop-down day and spend Wednesday in the ‘All about me’ sessions; the sessions were delivered by staff and external visitors and covered topics such as: Healthy Lifestyles, identity, Breasticles and Testicles, Cyber Bullying, aspiring to be part of the 6th form in the future, and Carers. Please speak to your children about these events as they will share some great information with you. ‘The Bridge’ is there to promote the personal development for our learners, and there will be more happening in the future. 

    Last Friday also saw us hold our first celebration assembly for the year group. In the assembly I praised the students for demonstrating our values; some received Tutor awards for impressing their tutor daily; we recognised 100% attendance, achieved by an astonishing 187 students; and students who had all taken part in the Attendance and behaviour 3-week challenge (210 students).  

    The competition then hotted up as we discussed the students and tutor group with the highest house points. There was a lot of excitement generated by using ‘Spinning wheels’ to select winners and for lucky draws done, with all students being reminded that they all stand a chance of being in the draws for next half term. It was fabulous to see their faces as they realised, we are a school where positive praise is the norm. 

    Students have also had a message in this week's assembly about valuing themselves and not letting other people bring them down. I read a poem, which is also displayed in all tutor bases: 

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  • WEEK 8 - Thursday 26 October 2023

    Published 26/10/23

    Hello to all my year 7 Students and their families, 

    Whoosh... End of term 1A: The longest of the half terms! 

    Whilst I am not an avid follower of sport, I do look forward to watching Rugby Union. Under the leadership of Steve Borthwick, I have thoroughly ridden the emotional journey of the England Rugby team in their World Cup campaign and saw the team demonstrate many of the values that we as a school hope to instil in our learners. Their determination, reflection of behaviours and performance and resilience have been tremendous- and I have also seen this in the year group over the past 8 weeks too. 

    I will be looking to expand my sport spectatorship in the coming years, as whenever I can, I plan on being out to support our year 7 teams: They are on fire! The various teams are made up by such a diverse range of students and I am seeing friendships change, bonding develop and the camaraderie between then is inspiring: 

    Our year 7 girls football team have got through the first two rounds of the National Cup; they played Ormiston Academy (5-2 win) and Humberston Academy (2-1 win) and progressed to the third round that will be played after half-term.  

    Some of our Year 7 girls were also represented in a 5-a-side Tigers Trust Tournament on Wednesday and did amazingly well.  Two teams (of girls in Years 7 to 9) were entered and both teams managed to qualify from their groups comfortably.  In the next round, the A Team beat Sirius West 3-0, whilst the B Team triumphed 3-2 over Cottingham; both sides progressing to the semi-finals, where Hessle A won 4-1 against Driffield and Hessle B beat Wolfreton 1-0. 

    And so it was an all-Hessle final, with Hessle A victorious but all the girls showed fantastic skill and sportsmanship and are an absolute credit to the school. 

    Our Year 7 boys football team also recently won their first fixture at home to Driffield 5-3 in the first round of the East Riding Cup and will face South Holderness School in the next round.   

    Our Cross-Country team had their first outing this week and again came home with smiles in abundance. Some of the students will also have the chance to take part in the next event over in Scunthorpe once all the positions have been confirmed. 

    Finally, the girls’ Netball team played matches at South Hunsley and were deserving winners of their matches too. 

    A huge round of applause to all involved (especially as the temperatures are dropping!) 

    Beyond the great outdoors, many Year 7s are now fully immersed in Music lessons: Singing, Piano, Violin, Drum, Guitar, Clarinet... the list continues. Students have joined the choir and will be practicing for our annual Christmas concert and the Hessle Lights’ Switch on. Then, there are the aspiring ‘West End’ actors that have secured roles in the eagerly anticipated school production of Oliver Twist. 

    The Dungeons and Dragon club is filling the corridors with laughter and giggles on a Friday when the staff are vacating for the weekend, and many more clubs are starting up as well. 

    On the homework front, please keep your eyes on ‘X’ (Formerly Twitter) as staff are starting to share photos of work done by the students. In Geography, I have been around the world in various shoeboxes- looking at the Pyramids, Australian Islands, key landmarks in London and various miniature football stadiums. 

    Last week, the year group took part in the NHS’s ‘Restart a Heart’ workshop. Paramedics came in to show students how to give CPR if they ever find themselves in a situation that requires it. They looked at how to check for risks first, check breathing, and how to count- singing along to ‘Baby Shark’ which apparently has the necessary rhythm! 

    With regards to testing and assessing students, we have completed CATs and Screening now, whilst baseline assessments are happening in subjects this week and just beyond the half term. Again, I am proud of how students are conducting themselves in these lessons. 

    After the half term I will be rewarding students for attendance and positive behaviours. Please keep your eye out for messages when your child is congratulated and check their bags for postcards from teachers. 

    It has been a busy and tiring half-term and I know so many of the students and staff are ready to take a breather and recharge their batteries next week. Please remember the clocks go back and that dark nights will be drawing in.  

    Please encourage your child to bring a coat, gloves, and a school bag (lots are not using them and filling pockets with their items). They need to be warm and keep dry in the cold and damp climate. Again, I ask that you discuss their trips to and from school to ensure you know which routes they will take and that they do so with others.  

    We return on Monday 6th November, and it will be Week A on the timetable. 

    Have a wonderful week off; enjoy any Halloween or Bonfire events and stay safe. 

    Take Care, 

    Mrs Todd

    Head of Year 7

    Mr Fielden 

    Assistant Head of Year 7

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