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WEEK 30 - Friday 10 May 2024

Hello to all our year 7 students and their families. 

We have had another couple of busy weeks and the bank holiday in the middle made it feel like we were about to commence the half term holiday that is still a few weeks away. 

In lessons, students are adapting to the classroom expectations that provide them with clear routines and structures that remain the same regardless of the classroom or teacher.  These expectations and routines have been put in place to help students to know what to do when, e.g. Enter and stand behind chairs; if a teacher raises their hand, they need to be silent; and hands must be up to respond to questions or ask their own questions. These consistent expectations will also allow students to find regulating emotions and behavior easier as they know that their classroom experiences will be the same. 

Breaks and lunches, post the weekend, have given students use of the field again- It is dry at long last! It is wonderful to see the year 7s, in their small groups, sitting out in the sunshine, playing football, and doing dance routines when they take their breaks. The field's benefits are huge as fresh air contains high levels of negative ions that can positively impact brain function, mood and well-being. Sunlight provides Vitamin D that children need to grow strong, healthy bones and offers protection from several common disorders and diseases. It also gives them more space to hang out; they are no longer all in one area and there are fewer of them staring at their phones. Bring on more sunshine! 

Beyond the usual day-to-day routines, last week saw a group of students complete the second phase of the Bikeability course. We must commend them on their integrity in developing their skills to cycle safely, their responsibility in behaving appropriately, and their resilience for not giving up when the heavens opened, and it frantically rained cats and dogs.  

The theatrical students, plenty of year 7, were stepping up their ‘Oliver Twist’ preparations and numbers of them were singing to me and showing me their dance routines at lunchtime. They returned from the bank holiday to a full day dress rehearsal where some students watched as a practice audience. I was lucky enough to be there for the opening evening and I had the hugest smile on my face as I watched a good number of our year group show me a new side and dazzle me with their talents. It was a fantastic production, and I am so proud of the responsibility, resilience, and aspiration that these students showed from the first audition and throughout the show. 

Our values are an integral part of the school day, and students are really showing us they want to embed them into their own personal development. It is wonderful spending our days with the students and seeing these values being demonstrated; what's more, we now give visitors to the school ‘Bridge’ coins that they then hand to students if they experience a student demonstrating a value in their presence. The first year 7 to get one was Stella W, (7O3), and hopefully more will come in the next few weeks for our year group. 

I end with our usual message, that if you need to contact us to discuss how we can help and support your child then please contact us via phone, option 7 option 1, or email  

Take care and stay safe, 

Mrs Todd

Head of Year 7

Assistant Head of Year 7