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WEEK 34 - Friday 14 June 2024

Hello to all our Year 7 students and their families. 

This time last year I waved goodbye to 233 year 11 students and began my preparations for taking on 251 year 7 students, so it is strange to think that our first year together is almost over, with the preparations for year 8 due to commence in the coming weeks. 

The students have been busy completing end of year assessments over the past 2 weeks; subjects have worked hard to encourage students to revise and prepare, something that is needed to establish good practice for their GCSEs- although this is a good while away. In the lessons they have had end of unit tests, or end of year exams; the data from these is being collated in the coming weeks as we prepare their end of year reports. 

In tutor time, students have started planning for Sports Day.  On this day (Tuesday 16 July), we take all students in years 7- 10 down to Costello Stadium for the day and the Houses battle it out on the track and field, as the competition for winning House reaches the climatic point and staff and students compete with resilience and integrity. It is a fabulous day and it is more about taking part, and contributing points to overall totals, than winning individual activities. If anyone has missed the chance to sign up, please remind them to speak to tutors next week. 

Elsewhere we have been discussing organisation as, unfortunately, a number of students are now not bringing bags, equipment, planners, or have missing ties. Organisational skills go beyond neatness; they form the foundation of academic success. A well-organized student is likely to be more focused, less stressed, and more in control of their learning. These skills are essential in reducing anxiety, enhancing productivity, and fostering independence. In my assembly I reminded students that our checks are a key focus and to prepare for the coming week by placing planners, equipment, water bottles etc. in their bag so that they are ready for Monday; for those who ‘Cannot remember where...’ I have suggested ties and shoes also go in their bag to ease the fluster on a Monday morning. We are encouraging them to be responsible for their belongings.   

Over the past few weeks, I have been setting Year group challenges (sent to the students via email). I want to encourage students to think creatively, engage with emails as a key form of communication, and it gives me the opportunity to see their characteristics beyond the classroom and the playground. So far students have had the following challenges: 

  • Describe yourself with an adjective that starts with the same letter as your name (37 entries); 

  • A photo challenge over half term (26 entries); 

  • A design task using random materials (6 entries 

  • And this week they have been asked to design a sweet that would represent our year group. 

Please encourage your child to have a look at their emails and have a go at creating something. The challenges end at 6pm on a Sunday and the next one will come out weekly, on a Monday at 2:50pm. 

I am driving the year group forward, looking for ways to develop positive praise; instill our core values; and set them up for their second year- when they become role models for the new intake of 7s. Working closely with home makes all the difference. Please discuss school life with your child, ask if they've checked emails, and have they taken onboard our messages- Together we are developing the students who will be fabulous members of society in the future. 

Take care  

Mrs Todd

Head of Year 7

Mrs Davies

Assistant Head of Year 7