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WEEK 18 - Friday 28 January 2022

Sports, clubs, hobbies and activities are such a great way for young people to learn new skills and make new friends. This could be a drama club, football club, martial arts, arts and crafts, the list goes on. Taking part in these types of things help young people to become independent, build their self esteem and help with their emotional well being too. Sports clubs not only help in terms of increasing physical fitness but are also character-building, raise self-confidence and allow students to improve their leadership and time management.

Both of my children take part in a number of activities; swimming lessons, football, dance, gymnastics and rugby. There are times when I am chasing around taking them and picking them up and I sometimes wish for a day off. However I can see just how beneficial all of these activities are for my children and what they gain from each and every one of these activities.

Over the past week I have asked the Year 7 tutors to speak to the students about any activities they take part in and to invite them to share this information with me. This was then put onto a powerpoint and shared with the other students in Year 7. This not only allowed for the students to learn some interesting facts about their peers but also celebrate their achievements outside of school.

I couldn't possibly list all of the amazing activities that were shared however here are a few… 

We have a very successful girls and boys school football team alongside a large number of other students that play for local football teams

  • We have seven students who won a national writing competition and have had their work published
  • A student who took part in a swimming gala and won three silvers and a gold
  • A student who won an award for helping out at a homeless charity
  • A student that plays cricket for Hessle cricket club and got nominated for the MCC - if he performs well he might be able to play for Yorkshire
  • A student who is a member of a dance club and will be competing in London in April against participants from all over the country
  • A student who built up the confidence to start attending girl guides and is now really enjoying it

As always, If you have any concerns or queries please get in touch;

Take care

Miss Pinkney

Head of Year 7

Mrs Briggs

Assistant Head of Year 7