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WEEK 32 - Friday 27 May 2022

This week I have been visiting some of the Year 6 students that will be joining us in September and it only feels like yesterday that I was visiting some of your children at their Primary Schools. Where does the time go? 

The transition to Secondary School is great as there are so many changes which your child has dealt with really well. I often hear comments from parents regarding the change to their child and how they seem to have grown up so quickly since starting Secondary School. I suppose that is a natural progression when we are asking them to take on more responsibility, to be more organised and, of course, to behave in a more mature and sensible manner. 

Your child will continue to experience changes throughout Secondary School whether that be their classes, friendships, teachers and their Head of Year and Assistant Head of Year. What will not change is the school's approach to ensuring your child achieves their true potential and as they move through the school we will continue to support each of the students in their academic progress and overall wellbeing.

Attendance continues to be a huge focus for us as we see the impact poor attendance can have on a child’s education. There are a number of strategies I have looked at as your child’s Head of Year such as our 100% weekly attendance wheel, hot chocolate and waffle rewards and our half termly celebration assembly. It would be great if you could speak to your child regarding the importance of attendance and join us in celebrating their attendance whether that be 100% weekly, half termly or for the year. 

Lastly, I have asked the tutors to investigate the different successes the Year 7 students have had outside of school. This includes a number of amazing achievements; we have a number of football champions, dance troupes, golfers, gymnasts and the list goes on. All of which I believe impacts the overall attitude and wellbeing of our young people. I look forward to sharing this with the rest of the year group as part of our assembly this week.

Thank you for your continued support and please do contact us with any questions or concerns; 

Take care and stay safe,

Miss Pinkney

Head of Year 7

Mrs Briggs

Assistant Head of Year 7