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WEEK 28 - Friday 30 April 2021

This week we have been focusing on one of the Hessle values - Resilience

We interpret ‘Resilience’ to mean that “We are determined, we do not give up when things get tough. We persevere. We know that learning is often hard but we persevere.”

When young people are resilient, they cope much better during or after difficult situations. We often hear the term ‘bouncing back’ which young people can often do. Your child needs resilience to navigate life’s ups and downs and is an important factor to the development of our young people.

Young people can need resilience for a variety of situations; peer group disputes, struggling with their classwork or bigger issues like a family breakdown, family illness or death or they may just have an anxious personality We can’t always prevent our children from experiencing tough times but we can all play a big role in building their resilience. This support can come from parents, grandparents, aunties, teachers and even from their peers.

Resilience is more than just coping. When you’re resilient, you’re more prepared to seek new ways to overcome your challenges and achieve your goals. Although this might mean taking some risks, it also creates opportunities for success and greater self-confidence.

There are lots of helpful websites which can be found on the internet and I hope we can work together to support our students to build up their resilience.

Once again, I would like to repeat the importance of student attendance in school and the impact missing even one day can have on your child’ education.  As always, If you feel that your child requires any help or support please contact us at

Take care and stay safe,

Miss Pinkney

Head of Year 7

Mrs Briggs

Assistant Head of Year 7