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Week 24 - Friday 19 March 2021 ​​​​​​​

There are lots of things that make the British, British. The royal family, the unpredictable weather, Wimbledon, Fish and chips … the list goes on. There is also something which is indigenous to the people in this country and that is our dedication to forming and respecting a good queue. Which brings me to our new routine for entering the building. Over the past two weeks we have asked the students to line up before they enter the building. This occurs at the start of the day and at the end of lunch. The result, a very calm, organised and safe entry into the building allowing me to ensure all of our Year 7 students stay within their bubbles and stay safe and protected. I am very proud of how the students in Year 7 have dealt with this and the mature attitude they have shown.

It has definitely been a busy and somewhat tiring two weeks but I cannot put into words how lovely it is to have the students back in school. I initially had concerns about students struggling with the structures and routines however they have returned with such a positive attitude and dealt with this amazingly well. 

It is essential that we continue with the routines that we have worked so hard to put into place to ensure students stay safe and are able to stay in school. Please can you once again speak to your children about the importance of following the rules with regards to entering the school building correctly, wearing their masks at all times and washing their hands/sanitising.

As a school we are very much aware of the stress the students feel about their future and at the start of the term Miss Lawes shared a film about hope which was created for National Careers Week 2020. I think it is very useful for not only students but also parents and teachers to listen to the views of young people and I have therefore included a link to this film below.

‘If you have never allowed yourself to hope then today is the time to begin. Remember that you hold the power, and that hope starts within.’

Please continue to contact us if you have any questions or concerns 

Miss Pinkney

Head of Year 7

Mrs Briggs 

Assistant Head of Year 7