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WEEK 6 - Friday 15 October 2021

Perception is reality. I'm sure the vast majority of people reading this blog will recognise this age-old expression. How we behave and who we become as personalities is shaped by the many different interactions, experiences and dialogue we experience. Or at least our perception of these experiences. 

I deal with hundreds of students on a daily basis. My own experiences have a huge impact on who I am, how I interact and how I conduct myself in my professional and personal life. It has got me thinking just how much of an impact my year 9 students' choice of friendship group has on their behaviours, attitudes and conduct when in school and also when out and about in the local community. You quite literally become the people you hang around with. I have daily conversations with students about making better choices. I encourage them to surround themselves with positive influences. If you surround yourself with positivity you will be more positive!

The people you interact with the most on any given day, at any given time, or at any given moment, is YOU. You frame your reality with your perception. In essence, YOUR brain literally creates the environment YOU live in, both internally and externally. Therefore, if our students have positive experiences, positive thoughts, and are able to rewire their mind to frame things in a positive and constructive manner they will be rewarded in many ways. This could be evidenced in a brighter smile, having more energy, more resilience, better outcomes in assessments, or something as insignificant as getting out of bed in a better mood! 

How often do you sit down with your child and discuss all the positive things that happen in their daily routines? Are we more programmed to focus on the negative? I challenge you to sit down and ask your child to write down 3 positive experiences they have had that day. Focus on that positive feeling and how that improved their mood for the rest of the day. By training the mind to recognise positivity it will allow young people to chase the positive experiences and allow them to grow as humans. 

Hopefully many of you have been able to spend family time at Hull Fair this week. It does feel like we are back to some normality after the many covid restrictions we have had to endure. Please support the school's decision to encourage masks over the next few weeks. Safety of all stakeholders at Hessle High is of the most importance. 

If you have any concerns or questions please contact me at

Mr Leckenby

Head of Year 9

Mrs Newman

Assistant Head of Year 9