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WEEK 2 - Friday 15 September 2023

Hello and welcome to my first Year 9 Blog. 

I would like to welcome you back and trust you all had a restful and enjoyable Summer Holiday. Typically, it seems to have passed in a whirl and the best weather saved for our return to school. 

However, as we already reach the end of the second week back, I have been incredibly pleased and proud at how well the Year 9 students have settled back into the school environment and we have witnessed the young people ready and focussed on their learning. 

I would also like to welcome Mrs Green as the new Assistant Head of Year 9, who has already had a tremendous impact on the year group. Mrs Green is an integral part of the Year Team, and her caring and compassionate nature is already serving our students well. 

Year 9 is a crucial year, and our expectations remain high. During the Year Group Assembly, I spoke about the importance of ‘routines’, ‘being ready’, and being ‘prepared’. I have been incredibly impressed with how well the students have returned, uniform correct, punctual and following the school behaviour policies. 

Over the course of the year the students of Year 9 will be involved in making their option choices, career-based events and an even greater focus on their GCSE exams. Therefore, attendance remains a key priority, and I must stress the importance of attending school and being punctual. 

Communication is crucial, and as we move through Year 9, I believe that by maintaining communication we will be able to best help the young people. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Both myself and Mrs Green are excited for the year ahead and look forward to working with you as the parents and carers of year 9. 


Mr Julian

Head of Year 9

Mrs Green

Assistant Head of Year 9