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WEEK 24 - Friday 15 March 2024

Hello and welcome to this week’s Year 9 Blog. 

On Friday, the 22 March we welcome back the Prison Me No Way team, who aim to raise awareness on the causes, consequences, penalties and impact of crime. Originally set up by three Prison Officers from HMP Hull they have now been delivering their exceptional programme for thirty-one years and worked with over one million students. The Prison Me No Way experience remains one of the highlights of our school calendar and I am sure the Year 9s will find the day very valuable. 

Congratulations must also go to Isabelle A. in Year 9 who has recently won a dance competition, which sees her qualify for the European Championship in Blackpool. Their success, hard work, perseverance and determination has been recognised with the girls getting interviewed and filmed by the local news agency this Friday. We wish Isabelle and all those involved in the competition the very best of luck. 

With the weather finally starting to feel like Spring, I hope to see the arrival of warmer weather in time for the Easter Holiday. Hopefully, the weather will continue to improve allowing me to complete some much-needed gardening and tackle the excessively long grass. I also have several flowers, herbs and vegetables to start planting and I do find gardening to be therapeutic and rewarding. 

I hope that you all find the time to take advantage of the milder temperatures by spending more time outdoors. The opportunity to go for a hike, have a picnic or simply take a leisurely walk to appreciate the blossoming flowers and budding trees. 

As I mentioned in my last Blog, the students of Year 9 should now have made their Option Choices in preparation for their future Pathway. If you have any questions relating to Option Choices or Pathways, I urge you contact school before we break up for the Easter Holiday. 

As always, if you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact me. 


Mr Julian

Head of Year 9

Mrs Green 

Assistant Head of Year 9