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WEEK 26 - Friday 1 April 2022

Sport has always been known for its physical benefits. In recent years, research has also found that sport participation can also positively affect your mental health. Whether you are playing sports, working out at a gym or taking a brisk walk, physical activity triggers brain chemicals that make you feel happier and more relaxed. Team sports in particular provide a chance to unwind and engage in a satisfying challenge that improves your fitness. They also provide social benefits by allowing you to connect with teammates and friends in a fun, safe recreational setting. Building new friendship groups can open the gateways to new experiences and challenges. 

Sport improves your concentration

Regular physical activity helps keep your key mental skills sharp as you get older. This includes sharp thinking, learning, and using good judgement. Research has shown that doing a mix of aerobic and muscle strengthening activities is especially helpful. How often do we hear our young people say they struggle to concentrate for 5 lessons a day? I agree with these youngsters that it can be a long day at times, but with the right balance of sport, exercise and nutrition they can naturally develop their concentration capacity whilst doing fun stuff with their friends. As educators, parents and carers we have a responsibility to encourage and provide these opportunities to our young people to ensure they grow as people and develop the personal attributes they require to be successful in their chosen pathway. 

Sport boosts your self-confidence

The regular exercise that comes with playing sport can help boost your confidence and improve your self-esteem. As your strength, skills, and stamina increase through playing sports, your self-image will improve as well. Sport and exercise provide you with a sense of mastery and control, which often leads to a feeling of pride and self-confidence. With the renewed vigour and energy that comes from physical activity, our students will  be more likely to succeed in tasks off the playing field as well as on it. Their capacity to deal with challenges and obstacles will improve. Their resilience will strengthen allowing them to make rapid and sustained progress across all their subjects at school. 

As we approach the end of the term, and we get to spend two weeks at home with our families I will spend some of that time participating in my chosen hobbies and interests. I know that I will benefit massively from this, being out in the open air, swinging a golf club at a little white ball, becoming frustrated at times, excited at times, but overall just happy to be doing something that I enjoy with my friends and family. I encourage you all to get out and enjoy the fresh air, to enjoy the time spent with your families, and to hopefully enjoy some time in the sunshine!

If you have any concerns or questions please contact me at

Mr Leckenby

Head of Year 9

Mrs Newman

Assistant Head of Year 9