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WEEK 38 - Friday 15 July 2022

Challenges are an inevitable part of life. Chances are you’re facing an obstacle right now. From academic struggles to business issues and even personal expectations, everyone encounters roadblocks. What is vital to one’s growth as an individual, however, is learning to navigate and ultimately overcome those moments of adversity. In fact, it is often said that success is measured by the obstacles you work through. The students at Hessle High have to deal with adversity in many different forms every single day. I am always massively impressed with how our young people manage and cope with the different adversities that they face. 

I link this into the recent decision that the school has made regarding sports day. Who would have ever thought that the weather in England would be too hot and therefore would put our students at risk if they were to be outside for the whole day? To postpone the sports day is  a decision I completely support. The safety of all our students is always the most important factor in any decision process we complete. I know this has been really disappointing news for the majority of students. This links back to the adversities the students deal with so well on a day to day basis. This resilient attitude will ensure that the students continue to behave in a mature and positive manner as we head into our last week of term. 

That's right…we are at the end of another school year. Thankfully a  more normal school year in comparison with the previous covid-affected years. And I cannot express enough how proud of my year group I am for completing this year with such a fantastic attitude and with such energy and enthusiasm. It’s not always been easy, no school year ever passes without the odd bump in the road for some. But with the continued support from parents, carers and all stakeholders we really have had a fantastic year which has seen the students really shine throughout. 

We have celebrated Rugby final wins, Duke of Edinburgh successes, drama performances,  picking your option choices, weekly assemblies, extra curricular activities, London trips, Geography trips, open evenings, celebration seminars and we even achieved a record year of house points for positive behaviour. The year really has been a success in so many ways I could go on and on!

However… As we end year 9 I am already looking forward to, and planning for, a positive start for our young people's next chapter in their learning journey….KS4!  We need to care for them, we need to help them structure their school week, to ensure they are organised and prepared to start every single day ready to succeed as they embark on their GCSEs. This is a collective responsibility that we as educators and you as parents/carers need to work together on. And going by the support I have received from you this year I am confident we can achieve even more success next year.

I wish you all a peaceful, relaxing summer break, that you can spend as much quality time together with family and friends and enjoy what will hopefully be a warm and hazy summer holiday. 

If you have any concerns or questions please contact me at 

Mr Leckenby

Head of Year