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WEEK 28 - Friday 30 April 2021

I’m writing this week’s blog after watching a fantastic game of rugby league in which Hull FC lost their first game of the season. It made me think about how we as adults and how our students deal with losing. Is losing always a negative experience or is it in fact a massively significant experience that can shape us as individuals in the long term? 

The feeling of losing and moving on are particular skills children need to develop in order to deal with negative experiences in life when they become older. It might not seem fair to children that one student can do something faster or better than they can, but parents can teach their children that everyone has different talents and that it is impossible to be good at everything. Research has shown that losing games is helpful for children because it teaches them to show empathy and cope with the experience of losing. Children who do not experience losing can grow up to be anxious, because they start seeing the possibility of not winning as some form of harm and they cannot deal with situations that do not go their way.

Losing a game is the only way for children to learn from their mistakes and think about strategies to improve. When children improve their skills and win the next time, they do not only get better at the sport or game, but they also learn something new. Learning new things increase children’s confidence and their self-belief and they start to be proud of their abilities.

When children lose, they also learn to identify themselves with others who have lost. This experience of coping with loss will allow children to show empathy towards other children in the same position. A child that has never lost a game will not realize that everyone struggles in life.

Finally, losing shows children that they need to work hard in order to have success, because good things are not just handed over to them. These situations also help children to lose with grace in front of others and to be seen as a fair loser.

And so…having watched Hull FC lose their first game of the season in a hard fought, tough, competitive contest…maybe it could prove to be the best result of the season so far because of the lessons learnt!

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Mr Leckenby

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