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WEEK 34 - Friday 18 June 2021

If there’s one thing that’s inevitable in life, it’s change. Sometimes those changes are small, but every once in a while they’re major — think marriage, loss of a loved one, a new job, having children, going back to school, or buying a house. These transitions often uproot our world, sometimes in ways we aren’t prepared for or don’t want to deal with. My own life has very recently had a massive change having recently welcomed the birth of my son Albie. I can tell you all that this has completely changed my daily routine and raised my stress and anxiety to a whole new level.

I have found myself questioning my ability to deal with such a significant life change. Am I up to the job? Will I make mistakes? How can I ensure that I am a perfect dad? I am slowly realising that there is no perfect answer or guarantee to any of these questions. And I am now realising that that is the beauty of having significant life changes. I am now on a new journey which is challenging, exciting, scary and above all else, time consuming. It is now my responsibility to take care of myself to ensure that I am able to take care of others who rely on me.

Having spent many hours in thought, I came to the realisation that our students have to deal with many changes in their school lives, almost on a daily basis. It could be major life changes at home, or something smaller like a seating plan change in a classroom. Are we as parents, guardians and educators providing our young people with the right skills, knowledge and support to deal with change. What can we do to support our students in school to allow them the freedom and comfort to achieve extraordinary outcomes in their time at Hessle High School?

We may not all be planners, but as we work through a major life shift, it’s a good idea to become more organized. Rather than saying, ‘I’ll take it as it comes. We’ll see how we’ll handle this,’ which often increases the amount of uncertainty upfront, make the intentions more specific. Make a plan, sit and talk to your children and help then understand these changes. By creating a plan, by talking through the changes, we all start to feel more positive about the outcomes, which in turn relieves some stress and anxiety associated with the change.

As I move into week 2 of being a dad all over again, my ability to plan, be more organised  and manage my time has already improved massively. Time is precious, and is also something that we can never get back. How we use our time effectively is super important and will be the platform for a happy well balanced lifestyle. I feel strongly that we as adults must support our young people in developing these skills, which in turn will further develop the resilience of our young people to deal with further changes in their lives as they continue to grow. 

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Mr Leckenby

Head of Year 8

Mrs Newman

Assistant Head of Year 8