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WEEK 36 - Friday 2 July 2021

A uniform is an important piece of someone's wardrobe. Whether for school or work, wearing a uniform sets you, your employees or your students apart from the other in their daily setting. Yet the importance of uniform wearing goes beyond just setting people apart. There are many advantages of wearing uniforms at work and at school. Uniforms have been part of life since the days of the Roman Empire, and continue in importance today. In the school setting, uniforms on both students and certain staff provide a sense of unity. For students, adding a uniform reduces costs for parents, who no longer must invest in an entire wardrobe of school clothes. It also puts all students on a level playing field. Students with more money do not stand out because of their clothing. Reducing the peer pressure to dress a certain way allows students to focus more strongly on their studies. When everyone wears the same thing, students have one less thing to tease others about. Uniforms also create a sense of belonging and identity for students, connecting them to their school and their classmates.

School uniforms also teach students how to dress well. After finishing their school careers and they head to the work world and have to wear collared shirts and long trousers, they will be comfortable doing so. The importance of school uniform wearing extends beyond the classroom. School uniforms may help to break barriers between social classes. Since students are wearing the same outfits there is no obvious distinction to be made between them. 

School uniforms may save students time when getting ready in the mornings. Since they know what they have to wear there isn’t much thought or effort that has to go into getting ready for school each day. Reducing the time spent on choosing what to wear and actually getting ready can be spent sleeping more or enjoying breakfast at their own pace.School uniforms may prevent distractions in the classroom. By wearing the same pieces of clothing students tend to be more focused as it automatically eliminates the need to find popularity in fashion choices.

I hope as parents you have had the opportunity to read the recent correspondence that Mr Groak sent out to all parents regarding the changes to next year's uniform policy. I think you will agree that the main priority is having a consistent approach to making sure that we as a school have a positive attitude towards our fantastic uniform. It is imperative that you as parents ensure that your children are kitted out in clothing and footwear that is acceptable in relation to this new policy. If we ensure that we get this right from the absolute start of the next calendar school year I am confident this will further improve the students' experience at Hessle High School.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding the new uniform policy please contact me at

Mr Leckenby

Head of Year 8

Mrs Newman

Assistant Head of Year 8