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WEEK 20 - Friday 9 February 2024

How do we demonstrate our values? 

In blogs earlier in the academic year, I have referred to the Hessle High School values on numerous occasions. As a school we often talk about the need to demonstrate Respect, Resilience, Aspiration, Responsibility, Integrity and Kindness but how do we actually do these things? How do we turn them from being a concept to a reality? Recently, I have spoken with a number of our students in Year 10 to highlight the steps they can take to demonstrate each of these values and asked them to reflect on how well they feel they embody each of them. To support these conversations, I’ve shared the graphic below as a way of highlighting the actions they can take and I am now sharing the same information with you so you are fully aware of our expectations in this area. 


  • We communicate with each other respectfully: we listen to each other, we are polite, we use appropriate language 

  • We respect that the school has rules, and we follow them 

  • We demonstrate self-respect by being the best version of ourselves 



  • We attend school: at least 97% attendance (see the end of this blog for further details) 

  • We don’t give up on challenging subjects 

  • We work hard at relationships 


  • We don’t place a limit on our success 

  • We engage with our careers programme (a reminder to return placement forms as soon as possible) 

  • We engage with our work experience programme (appointments are currently taking place on a weekly rolling programme) 


  • We take ownership of our mistakes, including attending any detentions and engaging in the restorative process following any behaviour incidents 

  • We maximise our learning time 

  • We are prepared for learning: planners, equipment, uniform, and jewellery 

  • We arrive on time to our lessons 


  • We are honest with ourselves about our effort, work and behaviours 

  • We know the difference between right and wrong and, when facing the choice, we do the right thing 


  • We treat each other with kindness 

  • We allow ourselves and others to learn 

  • We carry out actions to support each other 

In addition to our academic achievement, we expect our students to develop socially and by making the effort to demonstrate these values, we aim to develop the character needed for success in the wider world. As you will see, these aren’t unrealistic or unachievable expectations, and they serve to make the school a better place for all of us.  


Over the coming weeks, students will notice the poster below around the school. It highlights the importance of regular attendance and how, over time, absences can add up to a significant amount of lost learning time. As you will have seen above, an overall figure of 97% is the minimum needed to be considered as having a “good” level of attendance and will help to secure the best educational outcomes for our students. Thank you for your continued support with attendance and giving our students the best opportunity to succeed.  

Mr Riches

Head of Year

Mrs Lacey 

Assistant Head of Year