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Hessle High School


 Information on Joining Our School

To view more comments from our current Year 7 students please click here 

Deadline for applications to your local authority: Sunday 31 October 2021

Local Authority notification of school place: Tuesday 1 March 2022

Further information for children starting Year 7 in September 2022 can be found here

Hessle High School Prospectus 2022/23 can be viewed here

Year 6 Open Evening PowerPoint can be found here 


Admission to Hessle High School

Every year we hold an Open Evening in Autumn term which parents and children from Year 5 and 6 from our locality are invited to attend.

Every year we have 180 places available to new Year 7 students, with 70 places reserved for pupils from Penshurst Primary School (reducing to 60 from academic year 22/23). We are not selective and recruit from the full ability range of children in accordance with the National Fair admissions policy.

Places are allocated in line with the East Riding of Yorkshire Council's co-ordinated admission scheme and we prioritise as follows:

  • Children who are looked after by a local authority and children who were previously looked after, but ceased to be so because they were adopted or became subject to a residence order or special guardianship order
  • Children who live in the school's designated catchment area
  • Children who have a sibling attending the school in Reception or Years 1 to 10
  • Children who have attended Penshurst Primary School and Hessle All Saints CE VC Junior School since the beginning of the National Curriculum Year 3
  • Children who live closest to the school
  • Places will next be given to children of members of staff at The Hessle Academy

Applications received relating to children with statements of special educational needs will be dealt with in accordance with the National code of Practice on Special Educational Needs. Where a school is named in a child’s statement of educational special needs, the school has a duty to admit the child.

If you want to apply for a place in Year 7 at Hessle High School for entry in September, you will need to nominate us as your preferred school on the common application form and send it completed to your home local authority, or complete the online application.

Our normal school admissions arrangements apply when a child is transferring from primary school to secondary education at the end of Year 6. Please visit your local authority website for more specific information on how to apply.

Admissions Policy 2022-23

  • The date of determination 9 December 2020
  • The Admission arrangements for The Hessle Academy includes a reduction in the Pupil Admission Numbers (PAN) for Penshurst Primary School. These changes were fully and publicly consulted upon during December 2020 and January 2021.

Admission Arrangements for the 2022-23 school year

The Trust Board of The Consortium Academy Trust determined the admission arrangements for the 2022-2023 school year on 9 December 2020.  At this meeting the Trust Board formally approved the following documents and approved the following admission numbers for the following schools:

  • Penshurst Primary School, 60 places
  • Hessle High School & Sixth Form College, 180 places
  • The Hessle Academy Admissions Arrangements policy can be found here

Applying from inside East Yorkshire

If you live in the East Riding of Yorkshire you will need to apply to the East Riding of Yorkshire Council's School Admissions Team.

Applying from outside East Yorkshire

If you live outside the East Riding of Yorkshire you must apply for a school place through the local authority responsible for the area where you live, even if you want a place at a school in another local authority's area.

Your home local authority will then forward your application to the East Riding to consider.

To apply to Hull City Council you will need to apply to the Hull City Council’s School Admissions Team.

If you require any further information either contact Penshurst School office 01482 648808 or visit or

Please be aware that attending the school nursery does not automatically guarantee a place in the school and you must still apply in the normal way.