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Curriculum Intent

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The Curriculum – Key Principles

Hessle High School offers a knowledge rich, broad and balanced curriculum. Our curriculum is designed to meet our core purpose: to create life-long learners who flourish in an ever-changing world. To do this, we need to fulfil the following key principles:

  • To ensure our students study a curriculum that gives them the best opportunities and is reinforced by our belief that everyone is capable of extraordinary things
  • To provide a challenging, enriching and accessible to all curriculum best suited to the individual
  • To differentiate our curriculum in appropriate ways for specific cohorts of students
  • To provide relevant, up-to-date careers advice and  guidance that is presented impartially by experts and gives our students access to the best information available to schools;
  • To promote the British values and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs
  • To provide a coherent programme of personal, social, health and economic learning to make sure our students become confident citizens
  • To uphold the highest standards of literacy and numeracy across the curriculum so that students can access learning throughout their life
  • To prepare our students for national examinations and the increasing academic demands of examinations 

Key Stage 3 

Year 7-9

At Hessle High School & Sixth Form College we believe that an effective curriculum should build on the skills and knowledge acquired throughout prior learning at primary school. We work closely with our primary schools to ensure that duplication of knowledge is limited and progression is accelerated.

Our curriculum is broad and balanced and provides an opportunity for learners to develop specialist skills and develop an awareness of the very varied learning opportunities there are available to them.

Using specialist, state of the art resources and a staff workforce who are highly skilled with exceptional subject knowledge we are able to provide a curriculum where learners thrive.

Our Key Stage 3 curriculum is designed around our ‘Big Questions.’   These enquiry questions are focused, visible across a sequence of lessons and referred to each lesson. Students are encouraged to ask questions and to think of ways to aid their approach to answering the big questions. This approach encourages natural curiosity and inquisitiveness and enables students to ask questions, research ideas and problem solve. It is designed to encourage and develop independent learners.

Year 7 Curriculum Plan 

Year 8 Curriculum Plan

Year 9 Curriculum Plan

Key Stage 4 

Year 10 - 11

As students approach the next stage in their academic and personal development at Hessle High School & Sixth Form College, we are able to offer them a bespoke curriculum that appeals to their interests. We have formed effective partnerships with locally based training providers and our consortium partners to provide access to a wide range of high quality vocational and academic courses.

Whilst the Pathway Booklet provided in Year 9 (in the first half of the Spring Term) will provide detailed descriptions of every available course and assessment strategy, this document aims to summarise the curriculum areas and considerations students and parents need to make when selecting a Key Stage 4 (KS4) pathway.

Though this document will give a brief summary, nothing replaces seeing learning in action. If you would like to visit us during the course of the taught day, please do not hesitate to contact us.

In KS4, students will study courses that give them an opportunity to prepare for life and make future plans to gain the qualifications that will help them achieve their goals.

All courses available provide a unique learning experience. The learning provided will support learners in achieving the school aim of 'everyone can achieve the extraordinary'.

Year 10 Curriculum Plan

Year 11 Curriculum Plan

Compulsory Subjects

These are courses that all students follow to make sure they have a broad balanced curriculum ensuring they do not limit their future choices. This is usually referred to as the CORE.

  •  English Literature
  •  English Language
  •  Maths
  •  Science (Combined or triple)
  •  Religious Studies (Short Course)
  •  Physical Education (Non examined)

Students also have Pathway selections to make. There are many sources of advice which they and you as parents can consult before committing to a curriculum.

  • Subject Leader
  •  House Leader
  • Family
  • Older students in school
  • Youth and Family Support

We want students to make the best decision to ensure they achieve the success they deserve for their hard work. All pathways can lead to further and higher education, apprenticeships, vocational training or employment.

All curriculum areas are supported by a wealth of extracurricular learning which can be found in the Extended Learning Opportunities booklet. In addition, a wide range of visitors, trips and visits and activity days are planned to enhance learning and enjoyment of school life.