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Hessle High School


We often receive feedback that makes us proud of our school community. We'd like to share some with you.....

From parents:

I just wanted to say a big thank you to all the teachers who have provided online learning to not only my son but every single child. They have gone above and beyond and it is greatly appreciated. Parent of a student in Year 7 

Mr Groak’s clear vision and values is evident and ensures we have trust in whatever the school does for my child. Parent of a student in Year 7 

My daughter loves taking part in after school activities at HHS such as drama, choir and dance. Parent of a student in Year 7 

My son, has come home from school really buzzing about his day. He says it has been such a fantastic day and loved every minute. He loved showing others his chess set and how to play and making a tower out of paper straws! Parent of a student in Year 7 

Thanks again, on the few dealings I’ve have with the high school with yourself you’ve always been really responsive and helped straight away, just to let you know it’s appreciated. Parent of a student in Year 7 

The Year 9 virtual parents evening was well planned and professionally presented with good information given on how my child is progressing. Parent of a student in Year 9 

We, as a family, could not be happier with the way the school has dealt with all our queries. The support and encouragement received from staff at all levels has been so quick, so positive and so professional we cannot fail to be impressed. Would I recommend the school to other parents? Absolutely! Parent of a student in Year 9 

I wanted to thank you with all my heart the hard work and dedication each and everyone of you have showed over these uncertain times. Everyone has been thrown into situations that none of us would ever have to deal with normally. We live over in Barton and making the decision to come to Hessle High was a hard decision to make as he was leaving all his friends behind, this has made us realise more than ever that we made the right decision! Parent of a student in Year 10  

I write to thank you firstly for last week’s Year 10 Parents Meeting, it was very informative and your passion for not only education but the happiness and wellbeing of the children really does shine through. Parent of a student in Year 10  

I wanted to thank you for the awards that my daughter, was given. They were very unexpected and much appreciated. It is so nice to see a school who rewards effort and commitment and not merely academic excellence. Parent of a student who left in Year 11  

What a lovely letter that you have sent to the Y11 students, it moved me to tears. Thank you for sending this. Wishing everyone at Hessle High the very best, stay safe everyone. Parent of a student in Year 11  

This is just to say a big thank you!! And to all of the staff who really have worked tirelessly since last year, we have had nothing but praise for the speed and efficiency with which you transitioned to online learning and continue to support our children. Parent of students in Year 8 and Year 11  

Business Partner Feedback:

We often have the pleasure of welcoming visitors into our school, and receiving thanks from them compounds how proud of our staff we are for being able to organise these fantastic events for the benefit of our students. We really appreciate visitors taking time to feedback on the events to us, and we have shared some with you below:

Alvin F – BAE Systems (Aspirational Dinner, June 2023) 

Just a quick thank you from Myself and Nathan for inviting us to so such an amazing evening. Everything ran so smoothly and was so well organised so well done you and the team.  The room itself was such a sight to behold and would have put some wedding venues to shame that it was that nice. The meal and the entertainment was great too. All the little touches to get conversations going, add some fun with the quiz and the questions in the jar too were all such a lovely touch. Oh my goodness and that singer was incredible! Thank you. 

The main thing as well as the above I wanted to say was that as a careers event it was superb. It really is something others schools could learn from. The pupils on the table were chatty and some took a bit of warming up but all really lovely and asked some interesting questions. One snippet for you from one of the lads was “I didn’t know what to expect and I really didn’t want to come. I even tried to get my parents to say that I was training. I am so glad that I came though and I have really enjoyed it”. Bless him.