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Hessle High School


Independent Learning is set differently at different stages in your school life. Your work will be set through Google Classroom or by the teacher in class. Your teacher will tell you when it is set to help you and your parents monitor your progress through the school.

Year 7 and 8

In Year 7 and 8 the tasks will be in two types:

Core skills

A bank of core skills are available on FROG (our VLE) available at This is accessible from home, for every subject at Key Stage 3. This means that the skills vital for success in your subjects can be practised at home as many times as you like! If access to a computer at home is difficult our ICT rooms and libraries are accessible at lunchtimes and after school to enable students to download tasks.

Extended tasks

You will be set on Extended Task per week from a different subject on rotation. This means that you will complete two pieces of extended work from every subject every year. You should spend between 3-5 hours on your Extended tasks every week in order to do well and help you become an independent thinker. All extended tasks will be available both in hard copy and through FROG. The most reliable browser to work FROG is through Internet Explorer.

Years 9-11

The nature of the task you will be asked to complete independently will vary depending on the subject. Your GCSE success will be determined by your overall Attitude to Learning including, your approach to Independent Learning.

Tasks you may be asked to complete at home may include:

  • exam style questions
  • revision and review of work
  • preparation for the next lesson
  • research
  • reading

In addition you will be required to commit to a range of intervention sessions to support your learning. These may be during the school day or before or after school.

Whilst there is no set time requirement for the completion of tasks it is expected that work of a high quality will be submitted.

Independent Learning

Independent Learning is important because it:

  • develops appropriate working habits and self-discipline
  • contributes to the development of independent lifelong learning
  • provides training in planning and organising time
  • allows practise and consolidation of work done in class
  • will be necessary to completed some schemes of work in Key Stage 4

Does independent study actually work?

Working independently is one of the things all students including Sixth Form students are expected to do, as well as all university students and adults. It is a life-long and vital skill. By completing work at home you will become more resilient and prepared for success.

How will they be marked and tracked and rewarded?

Work completed will always be marked by the class teacher. The nature of the task determines the nature of the feedback, where appropriate, grades or feedback will be given. You will be rewarded from our whole school rewards system; VIVO miles. If you do not complete work you will be asked to catch up at home or after school in a restorative session.

Make sure you use the revision materials in FROG

  • Birchfield
  • GCSE Pod
  • Clipbank