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2022 - 2023 Bus Information 

Please read the Autumn Term Letter here and the Autumn Term Application Form here.

The School Bus Expectation and Behaviour Contract for 2022-2023 can be found here

Please click here for the School Bus Times and Prices .

Please click below for bus routes:

H1 Bus Route 

H2 Bus Route 

H3 Bus Route 

H4 Bus Route 

2021 - 2022 Bus Information 

The majority of our students travel to school by bus, but you may wish your child to cycle, walk or be taken to school by car. Home to School transport is provided by East Riding council and their policy states when a child is eligible for transport.

If you live three miles or more from school or if the journey from your home to school is deemed by the Local Authorities to be a hazardous route your child will be issued with a free bus pass. Those children that live outside the catchment area can buy a daily ticket, a weekly ticket which is cheaper than the daily rate or a four week ticket from the bus company directly.  A discounted termly pass can be purchased from the school.

Please note that we take the safety of our students very seriously, however, any complaints about buses, bus behaviour or service providers should be made directly to the Local Authority Home to School Coordinator via East Riding of Yorkshire Council website or by telephone on 03456 445959. For further details, please visit

School Bus Expectation and Behaviour Contract 

Please find details below of the revised school bus service serving Hessle High School & Sixth Form College following our annual review of the service, prices and routes.

Payment for the bus can be made daily in cash directly to the bus driver or a discounted termly pass can be purchased.  Daily fares can be bought for a single journey or return journey at a slightly reduced rate.  If a return ticket is bought, your child must retain their ticket for the return journey; failure to do so will result in an additional fare being charged.

We have discounted a termly pass by approximately 10%, a personalised pass will be issued upon receipt of the full payment (see table of charges below).  A significant level of subsidy is paid by the school to keep costs to a minimum.  There will be no other price concessions.

We expect students using the buses to conduct themselves in an orderly manner.  Inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated and could result in your child being refused a place on the bus or the service being withdrawn.  Please speak to your child regarding the School Bus Expectation and Behaviour Contract below.

We would actively encourage older students to provide a positive role model and for all students to report any concerns to the Student Services Team.

Student Safety

Safeguarding our students is always a high priority. We would appreciate you taking the time to reinforce the importance of safety for your child on the way to and from school.

Walking to and from school

  • Always remember to use the footpaths. Be courteous to other users doing the same.
  • Stick to your usual route when walking to and from school. Ensure it has been pre-arranged with your parents/carers so they are aware of the route you take.
  • Never accept a lift from anyone even if they say they know you or if a family member has sent them.
  • Always report anything that seems suspicious or that makes you feel uneasy

Cycling to and from school

  • Stick to your usual route when cycling to and from school. Ensure it has been pre-arranged with your parents/carers so they are aware of the route you take route.
  • Always wear your bike helmet and ensure you have high visibility clothing on.
  • Make sure you have front and back brake lights that work properly.
  • Use roads and paths in a courteous manner and remember the Highway Code.