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Hessle High School


Guide to uniform

Students will be seen by the Student Services team as they enter the school site in the morning. The Senior Leadership Team has the final decision on the appropriate nature of decisions around correct behaviour under the Uniform Policy.

Compulsory items with logo
Blazer Black with school logo worn properly with sleeves down.
Tie House colours, worn properly with six visible stripes.
Indoor PE Kit Royal blue polo shirt with school logo and house colours. Royal blue shorts, white socks. No outdoor shoes to be worn for indoor activities.
Outdoor PE Kit

Hooded top with school logo and house colours. Royal blue shorts, royal blue socks. Tracksuit bottoms may be worn as well as school kit, not instead of, and must be black.

Football boots should be worn for hockey, rugby and football. In the Summer term, indoor kit shall be worn for outdoor activities.

Compulsory items without logo
Shirt Plain white, loose fitting with pointed shirt style collar, suitable for wearing with a tie.

Plain black, full length, waist high, tailored trousers. NO cords, jeans, denim, ski pants, leggings, jeggings, combat style or linen trousers are not permitted.

School approved trousers are available at Rawcliffes.


Plain black, knee length, tailored, flared, pleated or ‘A’ line. NO lycra, clingy or stretchy fabric.

School approved skirts are available from Rawcliffes.


Apron (non plastic). Footwear as below for health and safety reasons.

Available from the school.

Footwear Plain, black, leather or leather look, polishable shoes with flat or low heel. NO canvas, suede, sandals. mules. sling-backs, knee length boots, baseball shoes, UGG type boots or trainers. Shoes with any form of decoration are not permitted.
Jewellery/Piercing One small, metal stud may be worn in each ear. No other jewellery or studs in face or body piercing should be worn.
Make-up Must not be worn in school.
Hairstyles Extremes of unnatural hair colour will not be accepted. Stripe/patterns, Mohican or mohawk styles are not permitted.
Year 12 and Year 13 Students are expected to observe appropriate standards of dress when attending school, bearing in mind that they are studying with adolescents.

High street shops often sell a range of skirts/trousers under the banner of 'school uniform', some of these are deemed inappropriate. View the visual aids here and confirm your selection with the Student Services team before purchase if in any doubt.

Non-compulsory items
V Neck Jumper/Cardigan With school logo.
Shower proof coat Black with school logo.
Tights Flesh coloured or plain black with no patterns.
Outdoor coat

Serviceable and sensible. Expensive designer coats should not be worn. All outdoor clothing must be removed for lessons and in dining areas.

Hats Hats or caps must not be worn inside the school building.

School wear (with and without logos) can be purchased from Rawcliffes Schoolwear, Saville Street, Hull.