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WEEK 18 - Friday 26 January 2024

The Vision Statement of The Hessle Academy incorporates the Mission Statement, our Values and our Vision for our learners and people.  

The Mission Statement sets out the purpose of the organisation, namely ‘Everyone can achieve the extraordinary’  

Values: These set of six core principles underpin everything that we do. They guide our behaviour and our decision-making. They are timeless, unchanging statements of what we believe to be important. 

One of our school values is Aspiration; We aim high; we have ambitious expectations of ourselves and others. We believe that we can make a difference to our local community. 

This week I have asked the Year 8 tutors to speak to the students about the meaning of ‘aspiration’ and whilst they are still quite young, we all aspire and dream and there are things we want to achieve in our life. The aim was to allow the students to think about their own aspirations. Here are some examples of our students' aspirations: 

Lilly G - After school on a Monday, I train in Street dance and Musical theatre to help me complete my exams. In the future I would love to carry on with this and eventually become a dance teacher. 

Heather G - I want to pass all of my levels in ice-skating and learn to figure skate. 

S.C-A -  I would like to be a beautician and go to college, but I'm not sure where I would like to study. I would like to get a 'good education' and do well at school. 

William D - I want to work hard so I can eventually start affiliate marketing or drop shipping because you can earn high profits. 

Scarlett M - I aspire to be a tattoo artist but want to also make sure I get good grades, especially in Art. 

Idil S - I aspire to be a Lawyer and to do this I need to focus on doing well at school. 

Oliver M-S - I aspire to be a pilot and to achieve that I need to do well in school. I also aspire to be a good person and be kind to others. 

Max S - I aspire to be a F1 Mechanic or part of the pit crew. To do this I am going to get experience of car engines outside of school and work hard in Technology, Maths and Science. 

Josh R - I aspire to get 100% attendance. When I am older, I would like to be a police officer or work in forensics. 

Abbie C - I aspire to be a teacher and then a good mum when I’m older. I need to get good grades to do this and make sure I have good attendance.  

M.C - I want to do well throughout my subjects and focus on my artwork to become an artist. 

Megan O - I aspire to be good and do well in science. My aspirations are to be grateful for everything in life and my family. 

Aspirations and dreams are a driving force and provide people with a sense of purpose and motivation. We can use aspirations and dreams to guide us to our desired goals and allow us to grow and improve resilience along the way. 

As parents and teachers, we can encourage young people to aspire to do well, and to achieve their goals and dreams. We can create opportunities to talk about what they want in life and discuss the way in which they can achieve this. 

For more information on our school values please click on the link below: 

Student opportunity 

Bikeability is a cycle training programme. It provides students with the skills, knowledge understanding to cycle safely on the roads.  

Bikeability will provide students with the confidence for all kinds of cycling in the future. Parents have been sent an email with more details and places are limited so please sign up asap if this is something your child would like to take part in. 

Thank you for your continued support and please do contact us with any questions or concerns; 

Miss Pinkney

Head of Year 8

Miss Briggs

Assistant Head of Year 8