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WEEK 30 - Friday 13 May 2022

Year 8 students have had a quiet couple of weeks. Alongside working hard in the classroom, they are out and about at lunchtimes and break making the most of the sunshine.

The week’s Assembly was led by Mr Groak who spoke about his combined passion for rugby and writing that led to him writing a book. All Year 8 students listened intently and hopefully took away the message that, no matter what your passion might be, you should nurture it and cherish it.

I hope that Year 8 students will learn that all dreams are achievable and they just need to work hard for it. Sometimes the route is a short and straight road to achieve our dreams; for others, it is a bit more bumpy with a few hills and roundabouts thrown in.

Miss Staveley and I are here to ensure that all our students reach the end of their time at our school with success and a pathway to follow their dreams. 


Mrs Taylor

Head of Year 8

Miss Staveley

Assistant Head of Year 8