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WEEK 20 - Friday 9 February 2024

Hello to all our year 7 students and their families, 

I am not sure how we are already at the end of the first half term; how we are already in February; or how quick the days and weeks pass, yet here we are! 

The variation in weather has certainly being confusing for students as coats and hats one day, then happily wearing just a jumper and a blazer the next; what is good though is seeing how their resilience is developing as even on the wettest of days many of them want to be outside at break and having fun with their friends. 

We have had a busy couple of weeks with students using time in tutor to learn about Holocaust Memorial Day last week and discuss points in History. They worked from home successfully last Friday whilst our year 11s took part in their Mock Interview Day- something that I am looking forward to our year group experiencing in the future; it is one of my favourite days and such an invaluable experience. Thank you for the support you gave them and for contacting us to trouble shoot any issues: working as a team between home and school is fantastic. This week we have focused on ‘Children’s Mental Health Week’ and talked about all the ways we can support in school; where they can look when not here; and how asking for help and support is a strength. Some students have also taken part in the ‘Bikeability course’; a few had theirs cancelled due to Thursday's miserable weather and this will be re-scheduled to ensure they don’t miss learning bike skills to help keep them safe on the roads. 

I was able to have an additional assembly with this year group, allowing me a chance to remind them of our high expectations and the hope they can all develop our values and become the best version of themselves. I also shared a ripple effect video about Kindness and how we can all benefit from living lives like this; please have a look if you’d like to  

As we move into the Half-term break, who knows what we have instore with the weather, I hope everybody finds time to relax and enjoy being together. I reminded students, today, that they need to be responsible and organised- Uniform in the wash, bags cleared, and homework done, knowing where ties, shoes and planners are, being fully prepared to return after the break. 

Remember we are here to support and either use option 7, option 1 when calling or emails 

Take care and stay safe 

Mrs Todd

Head of Year 7

Mrs Davies

Asisstant Head of Year 7