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WEEK 22 - Friday 1 March 2024

Hello to all our year 7 students and their families, 

We have reached, and hopped over, the halfway point of the school year. Thinking back, it must feel like only yesterday you learned your child had secured their place at Hessle High; it wasn’t until the end of last June that I learned I was to be their Head of Year, yet here we are entering the spring- with longer days and hopefully better weather preparing to greet us as we step outside. 

Since returning last week, I have had the pleasure of visiting many Year 7 lessons and seeing how they are engaging in their learning; developing many new skills; and hearing how proud their teachers are of what they do in their classroom.  

We are also working hard on developing, and maintaining, high expectations and embedding consistent routines for the year group. Getting these secured in place now will allow us to have a positive culture within the year group and build upon skills that have lifelong value and importance. 

Research and experience show how it is more effective to build positive behaviours than control negative student behaviour. As staff, we demonstrate positive behaviours and relationships as a way of modelling to our students. Within the year group, we understand that ‘one size’ doesn’t fit all, and changes do happen. The routines seen in classrooms can positively affect students’ academic performance as well as their behaviour; therefore, one proactive strategy is for us to adopt a consistent classroom routine and give your child the best experience. 

Each morning, we have stringent routines which are simply a set of procedures for handling both daily occurrences, and minor interruptions of instruction. Routines that require interaction between teacher and student (or among students) also serve to positively reinforce communication and social skills and are one way for teachers to judge the quantity and quality of students’ skills in these areas. Essentially, once taught, routines are daily activities that students can complete with little or no teacher assistance, we accomplish the positive culture that we strive to create.  

As our students know, I often remind the year group that my expectations are ‘as high as the heels I wear’ (These are usually high, unless I am injured or my outfit suits something flat.) and we are continually reminding students about the basic expectations; these include developing and embedding our 6 core values: Kindness, Integrity, Aspiration, Respect, Responsibility and Resilience. I have had a push on increasing the use of these phrases during conversations with students- letting them know when I see them demonstrating one, or the importance of developing one.  

With the focus on routines and expectations being key for me this half term, there are a couple of areas that we are working on with the year group. 

The first one is the routine of being prepared: Each day starts with checks of uniform, planners, and equipment. Please can I remind you that we expect all students to have their planner every day and their stationery: 2 pens, pencil, ruler, rubber, purple/ red/ green biro; passing these checks each day give students extra house points each week- and this week we have distributed Haribos, Fizzy Haribos, Biscuits, Freddos, and so many ‘Queue jump’ passes that I have suggested they save them to avoid them jumping the queue with 80+ other students.  

The other focus is the use of Social Media. Before Christmas I delivered an assembly about the age restrictions that are set for various apps. Whilst age restrictions are in place, I am not naive in thinking that students don’t engage in using these apps and have spoken to them about using them responsibly and being kind. We have expressed how being part of group chats is not advised and that they should not post things which will lead to conflicts or hurting the feelings of others. Since Christmas, there appears to be a lot more social media activity in the year group. Please can you be vigilant of how they are using this and encourage them to stay off group chats and report/ block people if needed. 

Finally, I would like to say an enormous thank you for attending our first Progress Evening. We had a splendid turn out over the two evenings and teachers have been pleased about how our year group are supported at home. Again, this reiterates the importance of us all working collaboratively to give the students the best we have to offer. 

As always, if you need to contact us, please do so by calling the school and using option 7, option 1; alternatively, please email  

Take care and stay safe,

Mrs Todd 

Head of Year 7 

Mrs Davies

Assistant Head of Year 7