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WEEK 2 - Friday 17 September 2021

Hello to all our year 10 families and welcome back to our fortnightly blog; I hope everybody had a lovely summer and managed to find opportunities to make some wonderful memories.

When we returned to school last week I came back full of admiration for both our GB  Olympic and Paralympic teams, with a brain full of inspiration to share with year 10. Having the year group together in the hall for their first seminar was an amazing sight, seeing our year group together made me feel a real sense of pride. Last year they overcame so many different challenges and began to mature. Mr Groak and Mr Sinclair shared the essential updates and information to begin and then I had the chance to talk briefly about the inspirational athletes that I’d enjoyed watching this summer, sharing some exceptional performances of paralympians who had overcome all the challenges that life had set them, never giving up, developing outstanding resilience and out performing their abilities with a tenacity to be proud of - traits we hope to teach and instil in our students over the next two years.

The students have returned with a great attitude and are now seemingly getting used to early get-ups, and the need to move a bit quicker to lessons; the convenience of being in a cluster of rooms, due to bubbles last year, has now gone and they are making full use of the building and classrooms where subject displays are there to aid teaching and help learners make connections to their prior and future learning. They are calm and content during breaks and lunches; we have a new outdoor space with a canopy to hide from the rain or gain shade from the sunshine and our new catering company is proving popular when the hunger strikes (with staff as well as students).

In tutor time, we started to look at ways to develop a positive mindset and are now discussing ways to become positive leaders and the role of a leader. The checking of uniform and equipment is going well, with many students becoming more organised and having greater responsibility for their belongings. The height of excitement came from students and their tutors when we confirmed the weekly tutor-time quiz was making a comeback. The buzz around tutor bases is enjoyable and the team are determined to help your children achieve the extraordinary and be prepared for their future. There will be sessions based around future pathways and careers placed within the tutor program over the course of this year to help students to map out their future pathways and get the best they can from their GCSE studies.

Finally, with this ‘strange normal’ that we now have we are reminding students to sanitise, keep their distance, and wear masks if they choose to. Extra-curricular clubs are returning and I look forward to seeing smiling faces as they enter some clubs for the first time, or pick up some old favourites.

Mrs Green and I are optimistic that this year is going to be a great year for our students and are looking forward to being on this journey with you and them. If there is anything we can do to support and help your child please don’t hesitate to let us know. You can email us at or call us on the school number.

Stay safe and take care.

Mrs Todd

Head of Year 10

Mrs Green

Assistant Head of Year 10