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WEEK 8 - Friday 5 November 2021

Hello to all our year 10 students and their families,

The howling wind welcomed us back on Monday morning and a tirade of varying seasons has passed across the leisure centre plaza whilst we have been outside at the start of the day, break, and lunch; we are certainly now well immersed in the autumn term and students have returned with fabulous attitudes and commitment to their KS4 journey.

Regularly we have students approach us saying ‘Mum’ before retreating and trying again, this time with ‘Miss’. This week another student said it must be weird when they say that, which led to a lengthy discussion about the phrase ‘In loco parentis’ and how it means we are responsible for them in the absence of parents whilst they are at school. From this my conversation went on to explain what myself and Mrs Green are there to offer them and that we will always do all we can to help the students wherever we are able, be that communicating with teachers, sorting out friendship fallouts, or repairing the broken shoes and school bags amongst the lengthy list of other issues that greet us on duty or arrive at our office. Again, please remind your child that we are there to help them; I have had students say they don’t report things because nothing will get done- Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, we are not mind readers and cannot do anything if we don’t know about it. If you are aware of any issue that your child is facing please encourage them to come and talk to us or email us to get our help; you are also welcome to call or email us if your child isn’t feeling able to report it.

In tutor time the LORIC focus moves to ‘Organisation’. It is imperative that we work to encourage and teach the students how to organise their time in the coming year; how to arrive at school, or work in the future, organised, and how organisation in life is advantageous. At present we have some students who are not as organised as they need to be and therefore arrive to school without planners, equipment, and other key items; Having heard that ‘My Mum /Dad didn’t put it in my bag’ or ‘I forgot what day it was’ we are also now reminding them that they are old enough to take responsibility to organise themselves. Hopefully in the coming weeks some evidence of them taking this onboard will be seen both at home and school - I am an optimist. If your child has lost or misplaced items then please remind them of this quote, ‘Things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end, if not always in the way we expect.’ Luna Lovegood- Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. A great place to start looking is in the Student Services office on the first floor; currently we have 2 boxes of lost property and a couple of planners - If items had names in we would have already reunited belongings and their owners, alas this isn’t possible.

In my assembly this week I have discussed attendance with students, reminding them that we are here to support them. I have also reminded students about behaviours around fireworks, as there has been a lot of chatter about where they are hoping to go on Friday night. If you are at a display, be it home or an organised event, please enjoy it and stay safe.

Finally I want to return to the time of year. Within the next couple of weeks the dark mornings and afternoons will take hold. As students head to school or walk home, please encourage them to take well-lit routes, avoid shortcuts, and try to walk with friends. If your child comes to and from school on their bike, please remind them that lights are needed and a helmet is strongly recommended- as is having a lock to ensure their bike is safe through the day. Students on the bus also need to remember that direct routes and being with others is immensely important as they head to and from bus stops. 

As always, please remember you can contact us through our email address or call the school.

Stay safe and take care.

Mrs Todd

Head of Year 10

Mrs Green

Assistant Head of Year 10