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WEEK 32 - Friday 24 May 2024

Year 11 Ready 

This week, students in Year 10 have been receiving key information and messages about “Becoming Year 11 Ready”. In just a few weeks, the current Year 11 will be taking their final exams before leaving us and moving on, either to the Sixth Form or another education provider, and Year 10 will take their position. The final term of the summer provides students in Year 10 with a whole host of opportunities to demonstrate their readiness to step-up and demonstrate the academic and social maturity we expect a Year 11 cohort to show. Some of the key dates for the upcoming term are discussed below: 

Monday 3rd June - DT and Food Coursework briefing released 

Students will be issued with a coursework task, chosen by their teacher from a choice issued by the exam board. They will then complete research, planning and evaluation related to this brief which will then be assessed and count towards the students’ final grades.  

Tuesday 11th June and Wednesday 12th June – Geography pre-release field work 

Students will complete field work related to the “Pre-release” Materials recently issued by the exam board. Field work is an essential part of GCSE study where students can follow an enquiry and collect data to support their investigation. 

Thursday 6th June – Year 10 Bridge Day 

This day has been carefully planned to support students’ personal development and will include range of sessions, tailored to the year group, including Ready for Work, CPR Skills, Humberside Police, and “Dealing with Exam Stress”. Students will attend school as normal and take part in multiple sessions throughout the day, delivered by external specialists alongside their teachers. 

Monday 17th June to Friday 28th June - Year 10 Mock Exams 

During this fortnight, students are given the chance to demonstrate their knowledge and skills they have acquired to-date. The exams will provide a benchmark for current performance and provide teachers with an accurate picture of what each student has successfully mastered and what they need to work on.  

Monday 1st July to Tuesday 9th July – Careers 

Careers Week will take place on Monday 1st and Tuesday 2nd before students head out on work experience for the remainder of the week (Wednesday 3rd - Friday 5th). They will then return to school the following week to complete the remainder of their Careers Week activities on Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th. The Careers Week experience will conclude with the Aspirational Dinner, an opportunity for selected students to meet with local businesses and employers over a sit-down meal, helping them to develop their social confidence in formal situations.  

Tuesday 16th July – Sports Day 

For the final time, students in this year group will be taking part in the school Sports Day, giving them the chance to compete for individual glory as well as earning points for their houses. A great way to round off a busy and successful half-term. 

I hope all students can experience a restful and safe half-term break and look forward to their return for the final stages of Year 10. 

Mr Riches

Head of Year 10

Mrs Lacey

Assistant Head of Year 10