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WEEK 14 - Friday 17 December 2021

We have made it to the end of the first term! 

Again, we have had a busy couple of weeks and the lead up to the Christmas break has been full of opportunities for learning and fun.

The wave of first assessments has gone well and staff are positive about how the students are developing their subject knowledge, whilst also actively looking at how to help develop knowledge in the new year. We are proud of how hard students have worked and the communication from those stuck at home wanting to ensure they get a chance to complete assessments on their return. In all subject areas, students have access to support, advice, and guidance; revision guides are starting to be made available for purchase and these will increase as we move into 2022.

In our assembly this week I spoke to the students about how lucky they are to have the support, advice, and guidance of our careers and guidance consultant - Graeme Peart. I shared with them the experience that I had back in the 1990s, which was very little, explaining that in all sense of reality served no real purpose. With a number of our student still unsure of what they would like to do, I shared with them my own career history - including retail, signage design and stock purchasing before finally deciding that teaching was what I wanted to do; my main message from this was that the roads can take us in any direction that we wish to follow, as long as we are prepared for the journey - Graeme is part of the preparation, along with reiterating the importance of working hard in lessons and creating a secure foundation to build upon.

In tutor sessions we have been continuing with a couple of the traditions that we now have as a school - the gift tag wishes for the Christmas tree were written and decorated; the message of kindness, hope, and memories held are now adorning our tree in the ground floor atrium and it looks stunning. Groups have also made Christmas cards to be delivered in the local community, sharing Christmas wishes with businesses and residents. I have also tasked each tutor group with a challenge to take a festive group photo to show how their group depict Christmas - props and tinsel adorned classrooms and we even had a festive Henry VIII make an appearance. Additionally this year I have tasked each group with a ‘Festive photo challenge’; we have a number of Elves scattered through the groups and lots of funky tinsel wearers - a great effort from each group.

School now is certainly different to when I was at high school in the 1990s; we watched movie after movie, large swathes of us drifted off to the local church as part of the school choir/orchestra (we had umpteen folk claiming that they played the recorder!), and Christmas cards and gifts were flying around in every direction - the scent of The Body Shop and Lynx drifted through the corridors and chocolate was in abundance. For all we still have a Christmas Concert and cards and gifts are exchanged, the daily activities completed by students are still relevant to what they are learning and are far more structured than the days that live in my memory. The motivation shown by students has been wonderful and they have kept it up until the end of the week. Like now, they are exhausted and ready to unwind after being so busy at school.

Thank you all for the collaborative work over this first term; building the relationships between home and school is a key to ensuring we can offer the best for our year group. 

We would like to wish you all a ‘Very Merry Christmas’ and hope that you all take care and stay safe. Best wishes for the approaching New Year and enjoy your time together.

Mrs Todd

Head of Year 10

Mrs Green

Assistant Head of Year 10