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WEEK 16 - Friday 14 January 2022

Hello to all of our Year 10 students and their families.

I would like to start this week's blog by wishing you all a slightly belated ‘Happy New Year.’ May 2022 be a year where together you will have fun, make memories, and enjoy the company of those close to you. 

The return to school has gone relatively smoothly. Students' communication at the start of the year assured us that they were ready to return; being responsible and checking dates, times, and ensuring they undertook LFTs to keep everyone safe. The development of communication and independence is fantastic, clearly showing that when we all work together we teach valuable skills to the young people in our care.

To continue developing our students, this week we have been focusing on one of the Hessle values - Resilience. Teaching a child to become resilient is not a breeze; having two teens at home I am very aware of how the words we use seem incomprehensible to them.  Our 13 year old daughter keeps saying she ‘can’t do it’ and ‘it is hard not letting things bother you.’ Whilst it is heartbreaking to hear, it makes me more aware that teaching these valuable attributes is imperative for our students' futures. We interpret ‘Resilience’ to mean that “We are determined, we do not give up when things get tough. We persevere. We know that learning is often hard but it will be worth it.” When young people are resilient, they are much more able to cope during or after difficult situations. We often hear the term ‘bouncing back’ which young people can often do. Your child needs resilience to navigate life’s ups and downs and it is an important factor in the development of our young people. This support can come from parents, grandparents, aunties, teachers and even from their peers.

Here is a clip from the ‘Young Minds’ website that you might want to watch with your child. It looks at What Resilience Means To Young People?

Students are continuing to meet with our careers advisor, Graham Peart, to begin planning for their future, and it is lovely hearing how their plans are slowly starting to form. Likewise, we are identifying students that will benefit from the vast array of support and guidance services that we have available to them: Mental Health support, Anger Management or Body Image sessions, Mindspan, and The Scholars Programme are a few that we are currently on with. Please be assured that Mrs Green and I are closely monitoring the students in our care and finding ways to help them and prepare for the future.

Finally, the Year 10 Parents Evening is planned for Thursday 20 January. Once again this is a virtual meeting which gives the opportunity for you to speak to your child’s teachers and gather information about how they are getting on and ways to support them. If you have not had the link for the booking system please let us know.

We understand that some families may be unable to attend and would like to say if this is the case please let us know if you require feedback- We can speak to staff and feedback to you.

If you have any concerns or queries please get in touch;

Mrs Todd

Head of Year 10

Mrs Green

Assistant Head of Year 10