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WEEK 20 - Friday 11 February 2022

Hello to all of our Year 10 parents and their families.

With the temperatures dropping again, yet some lovely clear and sunny skies, it is starting to feel like spring is soon to arrive; each day brings our students new opportunities, new topics of conversation, and further ideas on how to prepare for their futures. Much like the arrival of spring, we want our year group to prepare for embracing their futures and ensure they are ready for the days ahead. 

In our tutor sessions we have been working on developing students' understanding of ‘How to use the internet safely’. As a parent I know how easy it is for teens to be drawn into the online world and be easily influenced by what they read and see. Used sensibly, the internet is a wonderful way to learn, research, and gain inspiration. However, there is the additional worry of who they connect with and what they learn. A number of students have discussed how they feel compelled to trawl through pages and sites each day, sometimes losing track of time or becoming lost in the world of social influencers. Tutors have discussed how students are using time and reminded them of the following: 

  • Be wary of how much personal information you share,  particularly any details that allow strangers to contact you away from the game or locate you offline
  • Remember that, regardless of how well you might feel you know someone, not everyone online is who they say they  are. It is very risky to agree to meet up offline with them.
  • If another player says anything or asks you to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or worried, then that is not okay

We have also spent time developing an understanding of how Apprenticeships are a future pathway for some careers and looking at what an apprenticeship involves. Learning the following:

  • An apprenticeship is a real job where you learn, gain experience and get paid. 
  • You’re an employee with a contract of employment and holiday leave. 
  • By the end of an apprenticeship, you'll have the right skills and knowledge needed for your chosen career.

As part of an individual meeting with Graham Peart, Careers Advisor, some students are already exploring apprenticeships as an option. Others are still weighing up their choices. Miss Lawes, Careers Leader regularly updates our Year 10 Careers class on Google and students will hear about open events and so on in this area. We will continue exploring destinations and pathways in the coming months. 

Next week sees us reach the end of another school term. In some lessons, Year 10 Mock Exams will be taking place. Having heard a student say that a mock ‘doesn’t matter’ and that they believe they will still do well in their final exam regardless, I want to remind students that having the chance to sit a mock gives students and their teachers an awareness of what they know and what they still require support with. If your child is struggling please remind them to speak to their teachers, tutors, or myself and Mrs Green. We hope that all students embrace these mocks and know this is their chance to apply knowledge and demonstrate the skills that they have worked so hard on in the past 18 weeks.They will then be able to relax and enjoy the half term break that is sitting somewhere in the distance.

Whilst students have been busy, Mrs Green and I have been enjoying popping into lessons, speaking to students and teachers and learning what they are getting up to in the classroom and at home. A number of students have reached the point where the idea of earning extra money is sending them pounding pavements and looking for their first part-time job.  Well done to those that have secured jobs so far, and good luck to all who are in search. Please remind them how beneficial volunteering can be. We have students embracing volunteering opportunities whilst taking part in The Duke of Edinburgh Award and it is lovely to see how much they are learning from these experiences.

Finally, I would like to again remind you that both myself and Mrs Green are here to help and support your children. If there is anything that we need to know please do not hesitate to contact us.

Take care and stay safe.

Mrs Todd

Head of Year 10

Mrs Green

Assistant Head of Year 10