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WEEK 30 - Friday 13 May 2022

Hello to all our year 10 students and their families,

It has been a busy couple of weeks for many different reasons.

Last week, eight of our students graduated from a programme run by The Brilliant Scholars Club. They had spent 10 weeks, working with a PHD tutor from Hull University, studying the sustainability of Offshore Wind Farms. The group learned about how wind farms only have a shelf life of around 30 years and then need to be removed and relocated elsewhere - this is to ensure the ocean bed can recover and regenerate; seeing the map that revealed the plan along the East Coast in the future was eye opening for us all and wonderful to see the work being conducted to create a sustainable and environmental future for generations to come. Congratulations to the students involved, five of whom received university grades for their essays.

As one programme ended we also launched the HOP programme, run by the Humber Outreach Project at Hull University. Twelve students and their parents were invited in for the launch event and enjoyed hearing about the programme, completing a quiz (parents v children) and eating pizza. The programme will work on building resilience, understanding workloads, and time management. 

In the background we also have programmes running for students with Mindspan, Mind, Brilliant Tutoring, Anger Management, Emotional Wellbeing, Counselling and The Duke of Edinburgh Award. Over half the students in the year group are accessing additional programmes, with other things to come in the future. If you think your child could benefit from something more please let us know and we will see where we can signpost them.

In the day to day world of Year 10, we have been working to help students build resilience. A number of peer issues have arisen within the year group and we are working tirelessly to resolve them. Some students are struggling and feeling unliked or that they ‘don’t fit in’ which makes us feel sad and determined to help. As a child I often heard my parents tell me, ‘Sticks and stones may hurt your bones, but words can never hurt you.’; whilst I did alright thinking this, the world in which we now find ourselves is very different and therefore I often refer to one of my favourite poems. Recently I overheard a student say, ‘Don’t worry, you’re not their cup of tea’. which made me feel proud that resilience is building. If you wonder what the poem is, here it is:

You Are Not Everyone's Cup Of Tea :

The world is filled with people who, no matter what you do, 

no matter what you try, will simply not like you. 

But the world is also filled with those who will love you fiercely. 

The ones who love you - they are Your People. 

Don’t waste your finite time and heart trying to convince the people who aren’t your people that you have value. They will miss it completely. 

They won’t buy what you are selling. 

Don’t try to convince them to walk your path with you because you will only waste your time and your emotional good health. 

You are not for them and they are not for you. 

You are not their cup of tea and they are not yours. 

Politely wave them along and you move away as well. 

Seek to share your path with those who recognise and appreciate your gifts, who you are. 

Be who you are. 

You are not everyone’s cup of tea and that is OK.

Lastly, I would like to quickly remind you that we have high expectations with our uniform and will work to support anybody if there is a temporary issue. I would ask that you please send a note or email if your child has an issue with their uniform, thus allowing us to support them when they arrive at school.

Together we can work to support our students and I would therefore like to end with a reminder that we can be contacted on the school number or by emailing us at 

Take care and stay safe.

Mrs Todd

Head of Year 10

Mrs Green

Assistant Head of Year 10