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WEEK 32 - Friday 27 May 2022

Hello to all our year 10 students and their families.

Considering summer is approaching, and a heatwave keeps teasing in news updates, the constant warm weather is yet to land and my Doc Marten boots are still keeping my feet warm and dry. However, the students are enjoying being outside at break and lunch. The fresh air is incredibly beneficial for many reasons and seeing students relaxing on the field brings back memories of my years at Hessle High.

As we approach the end of Year 10 I have reflected more on what it was like for me back in the 90s and how I managed the impending pressure of completing coursework, revising texts, and using my time wisely. I then started to think about how it is different for a teenager in 2022 - I’m not sure my experience is remotely comparable to theirs; however, Mrs Green and I are constantly looking for new ideas, encouraging independence, and having the confidence to ask for help.

To ensure we are listening to students we have a strong presence at the start of the day and at breaks and lunch. As the year has passed we are unbelievably proud of how students are stepping forward and discussing their future with us. The focus, motivation, and aspiration is ever increasing. Students are confident in speaking up and this week saw students ask for something different in their assembly.

We talk about exams, results, and pathways for careers often, but were posed with the question of ‘What do you do with money?’ When I asked exactly what they meant I was told that getting a job equals being paid, but how do you manage what you get and what does money go on? With this in mind I created an assembly, delivered in a tutor base due to the GCSE pre-exam sessions, that explored how to manage money when you start working. The feedback from students and tutors was very positive and conversations were heard as people spoke about how they will manage money in order to have the things they’d like in the future. I hope it resonates with them and their financial start in life will be prosperous. I am now planning a future session that shows how and where wages go in later stages of life.

The reality of the future is one step closer, as after the half term I will be addressing the year group as Year 11. As a team we are ready to embrace the next 12 months with your child/ children. The end of June will see students sitting their end of year exams, which will allow us as their teachers and them to see how they are developing and retaining knowledge in their subjects. It is imperative that students treat these exams with commitment and maturity to ensure we see where they are academically. Furthermore, it will allow us to give the highest levels of support next year and offer intervention and focused revision sessions to meet their needs.

I hope you all have a lovely half term and hopefully benefit from time together over the Jubilee bank holiday. Hopefully a relaxing break will allow students to return after the break and head towards the summer with energy, vigour, and determination to end year 10 on a high note.

Take care and stay safe.

Mrs Todd

Head of Year 10

Mrs Green

Assistant Head of Year 10