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WEEK 38 - Friday 16 July 2021

Hello to all of our Year 9 families.

Another big ‘Thank You!’ to start the blog today. Once more, and having escaped too much disruption recently, we are currently seeing a large amount of the year group having to self-isolate and work from home. The support you are giving your child and the school at this time is greatly appreciated. 

Mrs Green and I are in the throes of preparing for September, and the start of Year 10, hoping that when we return after the summer life may be a bit brighter; the sun will have shone plenty, and still be here with us; and our year group are ready for the two years journey towards their GCSE exams. With this in our minds I want to go through a few items with you, giving you the chance to ask for any further clarity.

A few weeks ago you will have received notification about the Uniform Policy. Whilst nothing has actually changed we are clarifying more precisely the skirts and shoes that can be worn by students, ensuring they meet the policy that we have. For any new items: Blazers, House ties, and PE tops are available to buy at Rawcliffes in the town centre; black trousers, tailored and straight legged, can be bought from a wide range of suppliers (legging, jeggings, jeans, and chinos are not permitted); Black skirts need to be plain black and knee length and our approved skirts are available from: Rawcliffes, Steady School wear, Audrey Mansells, Marks and Spencers, or Matalan at a range of prices.  If you require further clarification on skirts please contact us.

Shoes must be plain black leather/ leather look and polishable (trainers, boots, embellished shoes are not permitted). Should you need to know anything more, or to check suitability of clothing, please contact us to discuss.

Alongside the uniform, we are hoping that all students will return fully prepared to start their GCSE courses. It is strange, having been a lover of stationery and bags back in the 1990s, to see students arrive with no bags or equipment. Please encourage your child to bring a bag and the following equipment: pen x 2, pencil, ruler, rubber, sharpener, and a folder to put any homework in - something that I have seen used by others and it helps prevent loss and damage. If your child wants to, they can bring a drink, but these must not be Energy drinks. We will then supply students with a Planner to always have with them in school; they will come home daily and you will be able to see how your child is getting on with House Points, Consequences, Homework and other notes (there will be a space for you to sign each week).

Each day Mrs Green and I are here to support your child in school. Even when the holidays start there will still be support available. We have a list of external support networks that students can contact if they need to get support or help. Additionally, we will have access to emails and will monitor anything as it comes in through the summer. The external support will be shared with the year group via their school email address and Google Classroom next week.

As I often share information with students, I will also be sharing a list of clubs and organisations that may be of interest to your child beyond school. Some students are already involved in sport, dance, theatre outside school; however, I often hear students telling me they just go home, see friends, watch TV, as there is nothing for them to do. There are  many opportunities out there for the students to develop new skills, meet new people, and experience new things. Again, I will share this list to them via email and post on Google Classroom- the document will have hyperlinks to websites and they can view at their leisure.

I hope that everything shared with you is clear and useful, but if there is anything you need to discuss please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will do all we can to help you and your child.

Please have a lovely summer, continue to stay safe, and take care.

Mrs Todd

Head of Year 9

Mrs Green

Assistant Head of Year 9