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WEEK 10 - Friday 19 November

Hello, and welcome to this week's Year 11 Blog.

Over the past week within Tutor time the Year 11s have been looking at the importance of ‘kindness’ as well as continuing to have a weekly focus on all things relating to post sixteen option choices and future careers.

The week has finished with a fantastic assembly, delivered by Mr Scott who spoke in detail about his time in education and the difficulties he faced growing up. The students sat and listened intently to his story and will have hopefully left with a greater understanding of the impact that unnecessary nastiness and cruelty can have on others.

Within my last Blog I talked about the importance of kindness and how simple acts of kindness can go a long way. This is certainly worth bearing in mind and remembering when the word ‘Banter’ is increasingly being used to justify unpleasantness to one another.

Over the coming weeks we will look in greater detail at this; where do we draw the line between acceptable language and unacceptable language? Is it Banter or Bullying? Understanding the four elements of bullying (as described by the anti-bullying alliance) is vital to knowing whether something is bullying: intentional, hurtful, repetitive, and involves a power imbalance.

As a Tutor group the Year 11s will start to explore suggested questions and strategies such as: What is banter?, when does banter turn into bullying? how do we know if we cross the line? and do people use the term banter to disguise bullying?

Before finishing this week's Blog I must first commend the Year Group for how well they have behaved during the first week of Mock Exams. For some of the students this is the first time they have had to sit a series of exams since year 8! It has certainly been a steep learning curve but one which is essential in preparing the young people for their GCSEs. Please continue to encourage your child/children to revise and attend any intervention, revision or catch up sessions being offered to them.

If you are concerned, have any questions or would like to speak to me, please do not hesitate to contact me:

Take care and stay safe.

Mr Julian

Head of Year 11

Mrs Lacey

Assistant Head of Year 11