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WEEK 12 - Friday 3 December 2021

With the Year 11s having now finished their two weeks of Mock Exams and the ‘catch ups’ completed, it is now a case of waiting, with the students undoubtedly having those nagging thoughts and emotions, “I hope I passed”, “What scores did I get?” and “What happens if I don't do well?”.

However hard, both the exams and subsequent waiting period is, it is an essential part of preparing for their final exams. I am sure you will all remember your final school exams and the unbelievable feeling of relief once they are finished, quickly followed by the looming dread of results day. During the remaining weeks of this term I will be using this time to discuss ‘Choices’ and most importantly making the ‘Right Choices’.

I was incredibly pleased at how well the Year 11 students approached these Mock Exams and their behaviour throughout was very pleasing. For the vast majority of the year, these exams were some of the first since Year 8!

During the two weeks they certainly made a lot of the right choices. Attendance was higher, behaviour better, and attitude to learning heightened. The students certainly understood our expectations and more than rose to the challenge. Maintaining this intensity is now crucial, and that is where I once again ask that you use the Christmas Holiday to discuss the importance of making the right choices and ensuring that your child is prepared for their remaining months at Hessle High School.

Making the right choices:

  1. Revision guides, cue cards, pens and notepads, etc are bought and ready to use
  2. A revision timetable is completed and ready to follow (Students have the opportunity to finish a revision timetable in Tutor if required)
  3. Conversations have been held with teachers - targeted revision ideas and areas of improvement discussed
  4. Intervention Sessions are being attended
  5. School attendance is high and revision sessions attended
  6. Have a target! What/where do you want to go after Year 11?

Over the coming months I will continue to challenge my Year 11 students on their choices and the importance of ‘rising to the challenge’. Are they challenging themselves? Are their friends having a positive influence on them? and are they starting early enough?

Communication is crucial and I ask that, if you have any concerns that you please contact me via: or the school switchboard.

Take care and stay safe.

Mr Julian

Head of Year 11

Mrs Lacey

Assistant Head of Year 11