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WEEK 30 - Friday 13 May 2022

This is it, the first full week of exams has arrived! 

As I am sure you are aware this week sees the first full week of exams with Religious Studies, Computer Science, Turkish, Biology, English, History and Maths being some of the exams happening this week. The students of Year 11 have prepared well for this moment and I am always pleased to see so many members of my year group continuing to attend intervention and after school revision sessions.

The students of year 11 will undoubtedly be feeling the pressure this week and as we move further into the exam period the risk of students feeling overwhelmed by the volume of work and added workload. More often than not these feelings can be compounded by the fact they struggle to prioritise subject revision.

Having a clear plan of attack during these remaining weeks is crucial and following a series of steps can help relieve some of the stress and added pressure.

Steps to success:

Write down all of their tasks (big, small and immediate). Listing all tasks as individual items helps make your workload feel less overwhelming. Knowing what is actually on your plate is crucial.

  1. Determine which tasks are truly important and what can wait. Not all tasks are equally important! Unfortunately, we have a habit of gravitating towards the less urgent and easiest options. Having a daily/weekly ‘must-do’ list can help remain focussed and on task
  2. Have a schedule. Knowing what is happening and more importantly when it is happening is key! Having a weekly schedule highlighting their revision sessions (at school and home), mock exams, as well as free time allows the students to anticipate potentially busy weeks and get a head start on priority tasks
  3. Tackle their most challenging tasks first. When revising it is often easy to focus on the subjects we find easiest. RAG Rating (Red, Amber, Green), subjects and topics will allow students to concentrate on potentially problematic areas of study
  4. Give yourself plenty of time to focus on each individual task. Time management is crucial, so too is having a suitable ‘learning space’. This can be as simple as having your revision guides, prompt cards, exercise books ready early. Having a space away from distractions is important, stick to your schedule and be prepared to switch off 

Right now the prospect of sitting further GCSE exams will undoubtedly be a concern to many students in Year 11 and I encourage you to have a conversation with your child, discuss the steps mentioned above and most importantly encourage them to discuss their concerns with their Year Leader, Tutors and Teaching Staff.

Thank you

Mr Julian

Head of Year 11

Mrs Lacey

Assistant Head of Year 11