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WEEK 32 - Friday 28 May 2021

Hello and welcome to the last Year 10 blog of the term.

This is it! The Year 11’s have completed their Assessments and we start to see a shift in preparing the Year 10’s for their final year in school! I think you will agree that it seems like only yesterday they were in Year 9....where did that time go?!

Over the past week there has been a real focus on ‘Kindness’ and what it means to be kind.

The simple act of being kind is (it seems) so easy to forget, and yet it is something so easy to put into place. As a year group we have urged the students of year 10 to consider what it means to be kind and what simple acts of kindness they could implement into their daily lives.

With the students on the verge of ‘officially’ becoming year 11 we often see a huge growth in maturity of our students throughout the summer holidays and with that the ability to appropriately deal with negative situations, their resilience and kindness towards each other does improve and grow.

We are very proud at how well the vast majority of Year 10’s have settled back into ‘school life’ and this new way of operating. They have done themselves and their families proud, and deserve a huge ‘well done!’.

It has been a fast and furious return to school and Mrs Lacey and I are both certainly ready for a holiday! We look forward to seeing the students again on Monday 7 June. 

Have a restful Holiday and as always, If you are concerned about your child or you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me:

Take care and stay safe.

Mr Julian

Head of Year 10

Mrs Lacey

Assistant Head of Year 10