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WEEK 2 - Friday 17 September 2021

It has been a great start for Year 8 students and a pleasure for Miss Staveley and I to meet and greet them every morning on the tennis courts along with their tutors. They all look incredibly smart in their uniforms and we have spoken to them about maintaining these very high standards throughout the whole year and beyond.

It has been a challenging two weeks for them with testing in school and settling into new routines. They have all received their new timetables and are getting to grips with increasing movement around the school very quickly.

We held our first assembly this week which revolved around all tutors saying a little bit about themselves in order that the students realise that each of their tutors - although dedicated to their profession - are also people who have a life away from teaching. It also revealed that most Year 8 tutors are dog lovers!

It is going to take Miss Staveley and myself a little while to get to know all the students in our charge; however, they know where to find us if they need us.

I am looking forward to a great year watching our young people grow and mature.


Mrs Taylor

Head of Year 8

Miss Staveley

Assistant Head of Year 8