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WEEK 16 - Friday 12 January 2024

Happy New Year 

As a parent of Primary School age children, I am often trying to think of new ideas for parenting my children in a positive and rewarding way. This can be a struggle at times especially when it is my 10-year-old son who is getting a bit old for my usual strategies. This got me thinking about how this will change again as my children get older. As a teacher, I obviously use positive rewards and strategies, but can these be used from a parenting point of view? I have done a bit of research and I believe that although the strategies are not the same, there are similarities, and it doesn't matter whether we are teaching or parenting, rewards and recognitions are always a good thing. 

Teenagers are young adults who are trying to learn the ways of the world. When they do something great at school or at home or simply make a healthy decision, parents can give them a reward. The reward does not have to be money, but it is a nice way to say "thank you" or "I'm proud of you." Teens need this positive reinforcement because it shows them that they are on the right track. It is also a good life lesson that you can pass on: good things happen to good people. 

The following list includes a number of rewards you might want to consider. They are pretty much all the things that teenagers might want and are quite universal. Of course, if your teen is into a special hobby or has a unique interest, you might cater the reward to that from time to time. 

A Hug: You would be surprised how much this simple gesture means. 

Mobile Phone: If your teen does not have their own phone yet, this may be a nice reward for doing something special. Remind them that with a phone comes responsibility and you expect them to keep up the good work or the phone may have to go away. 

Computer Time: Limiting the teenager's screen time is not a bad thing. When they do good things, give them a few extra hours to play on the computer without doing homework. 

Friend Time: Give your teen permission to invite a few friends over for a sleepover or just a few extra hours to watch movies, play games and hang out. 

New Book: Encourage reading and reward your teen at the same time by giving them a new book or a gift certificate so they can choose their own. 

New Clothes: Every teen wants the latest fashions and a gift card to the mall is a fantastic idea. Give them a ride—or let them drive—and allow them to spend the afternoon with friends spending their well-earned reward. 

Sleeping In: Allow your teen to take a morning off and sleep in a little later than normal. Of course, this shouldn't be on a school day. 

How to Reward Your Teen for Good Behavior ( 

Recognition – the appreciation of someone's achievements.  

I have asked the Year 8 tutors to recognise a member of their tutor group. 


Kaida.P- Aspiration. Kaida consistently aspires to do her best. From being on time, wearing correct uniform, bringing her planner and equipment every day to getting consistently one of the highest numbers of house points in tutor every week. She was more than happy to step up and take on the role of one of the house Ambassadors. All-rounder - kind, friendly and a great example to her peers.  


Frankie P - Resilience. Frankie has settled in really well since starting here last term. She had adapted really well and made lots of new friends. Frankie is a pleasure to have in the group and is working really hard. 


Charlie M- Respect. Charlie consistently respects those around him during tutor time. He is always prepared for the day and has a very polite attitude. He has received a high number of house points and is a valued member of 8A3! 


A. P - Responsibility. Arrives on time every day, very polite, perfect uniform, full equipment and planner every day. She has 100% attendance and loads of house points too, just an all-round super star! 


Freddie L - Responsibility. Is always on hand to assist in tutor to help sort out equipment/house points. Is always prepared, ready, on time and is a fantastic member of 8C2! Keep it up, Freddie! 


Tilly L - Tilly has positively taken to the new behaviour system implemented in September and is the leading student for house points in 8C3 and third overall for the whole of Cassio. She also boasts a perfect attendance record in Year 8 which has continued from Year 7. She is dedicated and hardworking and sets a fantastic example to her peers. 


Lily T - always positive and polite in the class. Lily is a cheerful and mature form member, never puts a foot wrong! 


Lucy T - Aspiration - She has been lots of effort into our tutor activities, including entering house competitions. She always has a go at our morning puzzles as well. 


Peyton W - Resilience. Peyton has tried hard to improve her attendance since returning in September and has achieved lots of praise and house points. 


Leah C - Responsibility.  Leah helps us every day with daily checks, taking pride in doing so and always with a smile.  She'd be our class 'Head Prefect' if we had them. 


Ethan H - Aspiration - Ethan consistently demonstrates high standards with whatever he is asked to. He is always repaired for the day; he is always polite and respectful and in tutor he is always taking part in discussion. 

Thank you for your continued support and please do contact us with any questions or concerns; 

Miss Pinkney

Head of Year 8

Miss Briggs

Assistant Head of Year 8