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WEEK 26 - Friday 1 April 2022

It has been a very strange two weeks in more ways than one. Firstly, I succumbed to the dreaded Covid and unfortunately was absent from school for a full week. It was a strange feeling not to be here when the students are but I rested at home, assured that Miss Stavely was doing a brilliant job with the support of the rest of the team.

Meanwhile, the students finally got to go back on the school field and enjoy the glorious sunshine that appeared, albeit briefly, as we are now back with the cold wet weather as I write this.

Congratulations all round to our Year 8 football boys who won their quarter final, 6-1, and to both of our Year 8 girls’ netball teams, who both won 5-2.

A thank you to all of our parents for reminding students to bring their equipment to school.  We need to encourage our students to take responsibility for their own learning and that starts with having the right equipment to start their lessons. I have seen a marked improvement since this was last mentioned.

As we approach the Easter holidays it feels strange to think we will only have one term left before the summer holidays and we will be heading towards Year 9. I don't want to wish our lives away but it still amazes me how time goes so fast and those little Year 7s have been here nearly two years.

I hope you get to enjoy the Easter weekend and let's keep our fingers crossed for the return of the sunshine.


Mrs Taylor

Head of Year 8

Miss Staveley

Assistant Head of Year 8