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WEEK 38 - Friday 15 July 2022

This week ended with a Year Group Assembly about two of our school values, ‘Respect’ and ‘Kindness’. Towards the end of a very long term, people are tired and the very hot days seem to affect a few students' actions. We reiterated the importance of maintaining self-control and discipline and treating each other with kindness at all times.

There is still a week to go but, at the end of next week, I will take a moment to reflect on the events of the last year. It has been a great pleasure to be Head of Year 8 and to watch our  young students settle into a full year of school. After the upheaval of Covid, it feels that some normality has returned and I was reminded of this as I saw the Year 8 Geography students leaving for a school trip this morning.  

One of my highlights is to be outside as much as possible, mixing with the students at lunch time. Even when it's not my duty, I'm out there watching - and occasionally participating in - the football matches, playing referee and flashing my yellow and red cards! I get the impression they quite like it as I step outside in the morning to shouts of ‘Miss, Are you reffing today?’

I must be honest, I'm looking forward to the break so I can recharge my batteries and come back ready for a great start to Year 9. 

Enjoy the summer holidays.

Mrs Taylor

Head of Year 8

Miss Staveley

Assistant Head of Year 8