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Key Stage 3 Implementation

Key Stage 3

Year 7-9

At Hessle High School & Sixth Form College we believe that an effective curriculum should build on the skills and knowledge acquired throughout prior learning at primary school. We work closely with our primary schools to ensure that duplication of knowledge is limited and progression is accelerated.

Our curriculum is broad and balanced and provides an opportunity for learners to develop specialist skills and develop an awareness of the very varied learning opportunities there are available to them.

Using specialist, state of the art resources and a staff workforce who are highly skilled with exceptional subject knowledge we are able to provide a curriculum where learners thrive.

Our Key Stage 3 curriculum is designed around our ‘Big Questions.’   These enquiry questions are focused, visible across a sequence of lessons and referred to each lesson. Students are encouraged to ask questions and to think of ways to aid their approach to answering the big questions. This approach encourages natural curiosity and inquisitiveness and enables students to ask questions, research ideas and problem solve. It is designed to encourage and develop independent learners.

Year 7 Curriculum Plan 

Year 8 Curriculum Plan

Year 9 Curriculum Plan

Curriculum Booklets

Using specialist, state of the art resources and a staff work force who are highly skilled with an exceptional subject knowledge we are able to provide a curriculum where learners thrive.

Though this document will give a brief summary, nothing replaces seeing learning in action. If you would like to visit us during the course of the taught day, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Senior Leadership Team.

Please click here to view our Year 7 Curriculum Booklet.

Please click here to view our Year 8 Curriculum Booklet.

Please click here to view our Year 9 Curriculum Booklet.

Students will study:

CORE (English, Maths & Science)

All students will study a core curriculum of Maths, English and Science. The curriculum time dedicated to these areas of study reflect the key contribution to all other aspects of learning. A variety of themes are studied and schemes of learning provide a varied range of activities to ensure that learning is accessible to all and challenging from an individual learner's starting point.

The curriculum plan for English can be found here.

The curriculum plan for Maths can be found here.

The curriculum plan for Science can be found here.

Geography and History

This suite of subjects covers a broad spectrum focused on enabling students to develop a deep understanding and appreciation of the varied cultures, religions, environments around us and events that shaped life in modern Britain and our global partners today. 

The curriculum plan for Geography can be found here.

The curriculum plan for History can be found here.

Modern Foreign Languages 

We place a high value on the development of linguistic skills at The Hessle Academy. Whilst over 50% of students at KS4 continue with a Modern Foreign language at GCSE, the basis of success begins in Year 7. Students follow either a French or Spanish programme of study throughout their time and these courses cover a whole suite of topics and themes, enabling students to not only learn the language, but also experience the culture. The key to our success is to foster a love of learning and create confident linguists!

The curriculum plan for Languages can be found here.

The Arts  

The Key Stage 3 Art curriculum is designed to know, understand, investigate and apply the formal elements in order to develop creativity and technical ability through a series of extended, creative projects. Students are exposed to a range of artists working with different themes, from different time periods and cultures, and have the opportunity to experiment with a range of styles and techniques before developing their own, gradually more independent, responses. Students are able to further develop their skills through our Performing Arts curriculum. The development ranges from building confidence, public speaking and understanding interpersonal relationships all of which are key skills for all learners. Our Drama and Music curriculum is accessible for all learners.

The curriculum plan for Music can be found here.

The curriculum plan for Drama can be found here.

The curriculum plan for Art can be found here.


Students will be able to understand and apply an iterative design processes through which they explore, create and evaluate a range of outcomes, challenging themselves innovatively to respond to needs, problems and opportunities throughout a range of technology disciplines. Not only are students provided with the opportunity to work creatively in a range of subject specialisms when designing and making, but they are able to develop an ability to apply technical and practical expertise, aim for success, be resourceful, innovative and enterprising citizens, prepared for their next journey whether this be to continue on at GCSE and A Level or apply the above to other future paths.

The curriculum plan for Technology can be found here. 


Our Theology course offers opportunities to learners to understand world religions and all three subjects help students to manage their social and moral responsibility as twenty first century citizens.

The curriculum plan for Theology can be found here. 


The Key Stage 3 curriculum is broad and balanced, covering a range of IT, Computing and Business concepts. This includes exploring computing programming skills, using these skills to write programs to solve problems. Alongside this students will also use a range of software to create designs and model situations. Students will also explore the importance of IT in society and the wider business world, exploring how the development in technology has improved communication, networking and decision making. Our Key Stage 3 curriculum provides students with a grounding to allow them to opt to study, Computer Science, IT or Business at Key Stage 4 and beyond.

The curriculum plan for ICT can be found here. 


Our Key Stage 3 Physical Education journey allows students to explore the opportunity to express themselves in a practical environment, whether this be through a team sport such as football or netball or an individual activity like trampolining or gymnastics. We aim to ensure that all our students enjoy their Physical Education lessons and demonstrate some key skills such as teamwork, effective communication, fair play and respect. We want all students to achieve their maximum potential and provide them with the opportunity to do this through a wide range of activities offered both in lessons and as extra-curricular activities.

The curriculum plan for Sport can be found here.


The PSHE curriculum is developed to ensure our students develop into successful and curious learners who are confident and resilient individuals, who are encouraged to live healthy, safe, productive, capable, responsible and balanced lives. It will equip our learners with the knowledge and skills to enable them in society to make effective decisions, around health, economic wellbeing and careers. Learners are provided with opportunities to reflect on, clarify their own values and attitudes, and explore the complex and conflicting range of values and attitudes encountered now and in the future. Learners will also develop inter and intra personal skills allowing them to develop teamwork and personal skills.

The PSHE Policy can be found here

The Health, Relationships and Sex Education Policy can be found here

The curriculum plan for PSHE can be found here.  


Reading is central to our ethos for success at Hessle High School. Students in KS3 benefit from access to our well-stocked Reading Room (including class visits) and special events throughout the year to highlight the importance and joy of reading. All KS3 English lessons begin with our '10 Minute Read', and we have designated 'Reading for Pleasure' lessons to sustain the enjoyment of shared reading and discussion learned throughout Early Years Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.