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I am very proud to introduce myself as the Careers Leader at the Hessle Academy.

If you wish to contact me, please use the email address below. I will respond to you in due course. 



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  • WEEK 33 - Friday 11 June 2021

    Published 11/06/21

    On Thursday 21 May, all Y8 students took part in our first ‘virtual’ Ambition Day. Students took part in a variety of virtual workshops/presentations with the aim of introducing students to career prospects they may never have heard of, or considered, before. An additional aim was to inspire the students to do more CV-enhancing activities to aid their employability in the future. The workshops covered various roles including; careers within the NHS, construction worker, business entrepreneur, police cadets as well as the Duke of Edinburgh Award, post-16 options and an opportunity to hear from some of our current Hessle Sixth Form students. 

    Student feedback about the workshops was very positive and we were pleased we were able to adapt to the current covid restrictions and run this as a virtual event as our guest speakers were live streamed into the classroom. Students had opportunities to ask questions about their role and completed activities within their student handbook. Every workshop was somebody's favourite and 70% of our students felt more confident about making career and post-16 decisions afterwards with some requesting more information about other career options. It’s always great to receive feedback from our young people to influence future events and provide additional support. Moving forward we will endeavour to continue to cover a variety of careers and pathways during our tutor programme and future career events to target all students as best we can. 

    Feedback and comments on the day included:

    ''It's great to know that I can do something I love whilst making money and running my own business''

    ''I enjoyed the video of the builder on site, it was inspirational' 

    ''It's helped me to understand my options after Year 11, useful and informative'

    ''I learnt all the things you can do for the DofE and it sounds great fun!''

    ''I thought about working in the NHS so it was good to hear about all the different jobs''

    ‘’It was good to hear from the people in Sixth Form and what it’s actually like’’

    ‘’I want to run my own business because I like the idea of not being told what to do’’

    ‘’It’s good to hear social media can help in a positive way to support and share your business’’

    ‘’I wanted to be a builder already and it’s made me want to do it even more now!’’

    ‘’If I perceiver and work hard I could become a Police Officer’’

    ‘’I want to start my own business now, like my Dad’’

    ‘’I liked hearing how much you get paid for certain jobs’’

    ‘’The best piece of information I learnt was don’t give up when things get hard’’

    A big thank you to Hayden Ridley, Katie Hardy, Kara Huggins, Miss Moore, Mr Sellers, Mr Jarman and our Y12 Sixth Formers. Hopefully we can return to face to face events soon!

    Last half term we said goodbye to our Y11 & Y13 students as they take their next steps towards their future and the world of work. We wish them the best of luck and look forward to inviting many Y11 students back in July to take part in the Hessle Sixth Form Induction Event. Students will spend three days in our  Sixth Form attending lessons, induction seminars and completing preparatory work. 

    For those students who are still looking for apprenticeships, many vacancies are becoming available as we move towards the summer and I continue to share these via the ‘Careers Info’ group on Google Classroom, latest vacancies include Business / Administration, Customer services, Fenestration Fabricator and Painter/Decorator.

    Our Y11 & Y10 Duke of Edinburgh students have been training hard in preparation to complete their final qualifying DofE Expedition in June and July in order to achieve their Bronze Award. Students had fun before half term developing their cooking skills, map reading, first aid and nutrition, as well as learning how to set up and disassemble a tent and correctly pack up their belongings... Did you spot the tents on the field? We have many students who are signing up to take their qualification to the next level - Silver Award. Miss Moore also delivered a recruitment presentation to Y9 students and we have a number of students who since enrolling, have been busy developing their physical skills and volunteering. 

    During tutor-time over the last half term, students have learnt about applying for part-time jobs, understanding their rights, the types of jobs they can apply for from 14yrs, health and safety and National Insurance. Y10 and Y11 students focussed on ‘money sense’ and were involved in class discussions covering debit & credit cards, insurances, recognising scams / fraud, savings and wage slips. This information is invaluable to our students, preparing them for the future and adulthood. 

    As part of our ‘Career in the Spotlight’ we looked at the role of an IT Support Technician. Students enjoyed hearing from Mr Scott and how he started out in this job before working his way up in the world of ICT. We also looked at the career of a Social Worker and how there is a demand for more men to enter this industry with only 19% male employers and 81% female in the UK. Students are always very keen to hear about the salary for these jobs as well as the skills and qualifications required.

    Our Careers Adviser Graeme Peart is continuing to meet with our Y10 students to complete their initial face to face interviews. Graeme also met with a number of Y9 students last half term to give additional support and the students really felt the benefit of this and started to open up and think about their future and the importance of the next few years in school.

    We are looking forward to inviting our future Y7 students up to Hessle High School as they take part in the Y6 Transition event in the last week of term. We all know it can feel very daunting starting secondary school, but students will have the opportunity to meet their Head of Year, teachers, sample lessons and take part in a number of transition activities in order to prepare them for a smooth start in September.

    Finally, Y12 will be participating in an all-day Pathways Event on 10 June. The focus is on helping them to choose their future destinations, with sessions from Hull University and ASK, an apprenticeship support programme. Students will be given advice on completing their personal statements, getting the most out of university open days, and opening their UCAS applications.

    Our final half term is a busy one and we have a number of upcoming events, dates for your diary below:

    • Y12 Pathways Event - Thursday 10 June 2021
    • Y7 All About Me Day - Friday 11 June 2021 (please note this date was rescheduled from 6 May)
    • Y10 Careers Week - w/c 28 June 2021
    • Y11 Hessle Sixth Form Induction Event - 14, 15 & 16 July 2021
    • Y6 Transition Event - 19, 20, 21 July 2021

    Take Care

    Miss Lawes

    Careers Leader

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  • WEEK 26 - Friday 16 April 2021

    Published 23/04/21

    Last half term saw a busy few weeks for careers. We celebrated ‘National Careers Week’ as a whole school and all students took part in careers activities within their subjects and tutor time, this gave students a great insight into the world of work and the job opportunities and transferable skills related to their subjects. We were lucky to hear from some of our Alumni and Miss Moore interviewed the Artist, Richard O’Neil.

    We also hosted our very first Live Virtual Careers Webinar for our Year 11 students focussing on interview preparation and skills, selling yourself, handling nerves and post-interview. Our guest speakers included:

    Scott Young, Assistant Chief Constable for Northumbria Police

    Natasha Hoggard & Sanna Saidy, Humber Outreach Project

    Moj Taylor and Aron Tenant, Push

    Kallum Nicholson, Business Entrepreneur / School Careers Link Governor

    Please take a look at our guest speaker bios here

    The event was a great success, students had opportunities to ask questions throughout and it was wonderful to see them become more confident as the event progressed. Feedback from students was extremely positive, all students who completed the feedback form recommended we host future events in this way and said it was easy to access and they enjoyed the fact it was an online event specifically for Hessle High School students.

    It was great to welcome our students back into school, the next few months are very important for our Year 11 and 13 students as they secure and prepare for transition to their Post-16 and 18 destinations. Year 11 students were given a Post-16 Destination Form to complete upon their return, this enabled me to see which students needed additional support with their applications moving forward. I have been working through these over the last few weeks and will continue over the next half term. Please get in touch if you need any additional support or have any questions regarding this:

    This half term, Year 11 students will be given a Destination Data Consent Form to complete, this will enable the school to keep in contact with students to see how they’re doing in their education and employment, as well as using this information to improve careers guidance and support. We always love to hear from our Alumni and the great things you have gone on to do!

    On the topic of destination data, here is an update for our Yr 11 2020 leavers, with 97.7% participation:

    FE College


    School Sixth Form


    Other Sixth Form College


    Apprenticeship / Traineeship / Full-time Employment




    When reviewing our careers provision we use this data to influence any changes we make as we continue to raise aspirations, support individual needs and challenge stereotypical thinking.

    We have continued with our careers tutor programme, a reminder that this is every Friday for Year 11 students and every last Friday of the month for Year 7-10. Last half term we introduced ‘Career in the spotlight’, students are given information about specific jobs, qualification requirements, salary and labour market information, we began by looking at a career as a pharmacist.

    A video was played to Year 7-9 students, introducing myself as Careers Leader and what to expect in these tutor sessions. Students were given the opportunity to discuss the topic with their tutor and complete a Google Form with any suggestions they may have for the programme so that we can tailor it to best support their needs. All Year 10 students have now completed the ‘My Future’ Questionnaire (Post-16 choices), which will also be used to influence the programme.

    During tutor, Year 11 students were given the opportunity to ask any questions they had regarding Sixth Form and what to expect next year. Mr Jarman, our Head of Sixth Form, then created a video which was played during tutor time, answering students' questions in preparation for September. Year 11 were also offered the opportunity to enhance their CV and life skills through participation in the National Citizen Service (NCS), which was launched in March. Students can still sign up for the programme, all information and links to register are on Google Classroom.

    We are always looking to develop our careers and enrichment programmes and, very soon, we will be unveiling an incredible opportunity for our Year 9 students. This will be an unprecedented opportunity for them and we can’t wait to share it with them. I will reveal more in my next blog!

    We are delighted to have our new Careers Advisor, Graeme Peart, working with us at Hessle High School to support our students with careers information, advice and guidance. 1:1 face to face appointments have now re-started and we are continuing to work through all Year 10 students' first appointments plus any Year 11 and Sixth Form students who need additional support.

    By Year 10 we are encouraging all of our students to think carefully about their potential post-16 pathways. As part of this process, this term twelve Year 10s start an exciting opportunity to work on the "Scholars Programme". They will experience small group university-style tutorials delivered by a PhD tutor from Sheffield University, to give them an experience of university-level learning. Next half term we will also speak to all of Year 10 about the range of subjects available to them at Hessle Sixth Form College, and to give them an opportunity to talk to current Sixth Form students about how they chose their subjects.

    All of Year 12 are signed up to UCAS Discovery Days taking place in April. Sadly the face-to-face sessions we would normally take students to are not able to go ahead this year, but this provides the next best thing. Throughout the event, students can attend a range of talks covering everything from "securing your dream job" to advice on university and apprenticeship applications. Talks can be attended live or on-demand, giving students ample opportunity to participate.

    This half term we have two career days for our Year 7 and  8 students. These will run slightly differently to usual due to Covid restrictions, but we are sure to make them exciting and engaging events for our young people, with opportunities to hear from external employers and professionals.

    Year 8 ‘Ambition day’ - Thursday 6 May 2021

    Year 7 ‘All About Me Day’ - Thursday 20 May 2021

    Finally, with more events adapting to the virtual world, there have been some great opportunities that I have shared with students via the Google Classroom ‘Careers Info’ groups; many students have been attending and we love to hear your feedback. Recent events include; Royal Marines Commando Virtual Experience, zoom meeting with Keith Hunter the Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner, National Careers Week Virtual Fair, EY Apprenticeship Wellness session and WEX opportunities with Browne Jacobson Law Firm and Careers Days.

    Here are some upcoming events, opportunities and useful websites:

    Take Care

    Miss Lawes

    Careers Leader

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  • WEEK 21 - Friday 25 February 2021

    Published 23/04/21

    Dear Students, Parents and Carers

    Welcome to the first edition of our half termly ‘Careers Blog’ at Hessle High School. My name is Miss Lawes and I have recently been appointed as the Careers Leader at Hessle High School. I began working at the school in 2016 teaching Dance and Drama, as well as taking on the role as Pupil Premium Champion in 2017 which enabled me to support and build positive relationships with our young people and I am very much looking forward to taking this support further in an area that I am very passionate about … CAREERS.

    Throughout this blog you will find a number of links to upcoming events, information and opportunities related to careers. As always we believe it is very important for our students to have as much information about potential careers, as early as possible. It is important we prepare everyone to make informed choices about their future.

    We are continuously developing our tutor programme and all Year 11 students now have a careers related tutor session every Friday, and Year 7-10 every last Friday of the month. Some of the areas we have covered so far include CV building, employability skills, interview preparation and we recently celebrated ‘National Apprenticeship Week’ during week commencing 8 February. All of these resources are shared with the students on their main ‘Year Group’ page and can be accessed via Google Classroom.

    It was great to hear from a number of students who attended the Young Professionals ‘Virtual Apprenticeship Fair’, many events and opportunities have now adapted to this new way of life and I will continue to share these with you. Year 10 and 11 were invited to a ‘Careers Info’ group on Google Classroom back in December and, if you haven’t accepted this yet, please do so as this is a fantastic way in which to gain quick access to all careers information and links to upcoming events and opportunities. I have included some links below.

    The week commencing 1 March is ‘National Careers Week’ and students will be celebrating throughout the week with careers activities and discussions in tutor and throughout their different subjects, remembering that everything we do in school links and prepares us for the world of work! We will also be holding our very first ‘Virtual Careers Webinar’ for Year 11 students. The focus of the Webinar will be to prepare students for future interviews and we are delighted to have four guest speakers; there will also be an opportunity for students to ask questions during the event so please keep an eye out for updates on Twitter and Google Classroom. A link will be shared with all Year 11 students to join the webinar.

    Throughout the lockdown, our Careers Advisor has continued with 1:1 appointments with Year 10 and 11 students via telephone or Google Meet, these will continue until we are able to restart our face to face appointments in school. As well as this, I have been emailing and making phone calls home to support students with their post-16 applications, please continue to get in touch if you have any questions or need additional support with this:

    Year 10 students have recently received a ‘My Future’ Questionnaire (Post-16 choices), if you haven’t completed this yet, please do so in order to help us provide the best support for you moving forward with your post-16 choices.

    This term we will be launching ‘Log On Move On’ for all Year 9 and 10 students, please keep an eye out for emails and information regarding this, login details etc. This site is extremely useful to help you find out what courses and apprenticeships are available in the East Riding & Hull area, as well as completing your applications. You can access parts of the site without a login, please take a look:

    Sixth Form update:

    Last term, Year 12 and Year 13 had tutor sessions tied in with National Apprenticeship Week. These included, for Year 12, sessions on how the application process for Degree Apprenticeships typically works, and the pros/cons of Apprenticeships vs University applications. Throughout the week, a number of Apprenticeship opportunities were also highlighted to Year 13. Meanwhile, with the UCAS deadline for university applications closing on 29 January, the focus with Year 13 turned to supporting them with selecting their firm/insurance offers, and with applications for student finance. Students have also been encouraged to consider virtual work experience opportunities. Whilst it will be hard for most students to gain actual workplace experience this year, companies are increasingly providing virtual work experience. Students can search via Unifrog, or via another company called "Forage" ( As we move into the summer term, we will be working with Year 12 to develop their CVs and supporting them with starting their UCAS applications, while we continue to support any Year 13 students applying for apprenticeship positions.

    Finally, please see the information below for upcoming events, opportunities and useful websites:

    I hope you have found this information useful, here’s to another positive half term.

    Take care

    Miss Lawes

    Careers Leader


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